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Looking for a smartphone? How about I share with you about BLU?

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Stop or Continue?

Just done 30 mins warm up! Hahahaha! Ok, that’s just sound not right.. Done 15 min warm up and abs workout from Fitness blender (I give up the HIIT workout, what a shame!) after I’ve done 13 mins HIITilates from Blogilates – Cassey Ho – Scream & Shout. It’s been a 2 days I took a days of from workout. My legs were cramps and I even hardly to went up stairs..Phewwww!! Maybe I didn’t done my warm up properly on previous workout. Serves you right, Fieza!!

Well, today I don’t want to talk much on fitness or workout. I just want to share with you a story. I just saw a advertisement for Malaysian Airlines (MAS) stewardess and it makes me smile and reminds me on my late father. Why? Hahaha. Okay, let’s have a pillow talk. Grabs all your pillow right now.

A few years ago, after 1.5 years I graduated from diploma college and currently at that time work as a receptionist at SC Johnson company (they make household product such as Glade, Mr.Muscle, Kiwi and so on), my father was suggested to me to try the interview for Stewardess for MAS. Alright, I know you gonna be laughing saying that my appearance is just out of criteria to join that team. But trust me, I’ve been surrounding by those crews when I worked at Le Grandeur Palm Resort where all MAS crews including pilots are check in there. I’ve seen a lot of different types of stewardess. It is not about looks or body types that they are searching for. They are interested more to find a caliber and bubbly yet enjoy to serves their customers. If you have a uncontrolled temper, don’t know how to smile – okay, don’t even dream to join it. You just gonna make yourself worse by pretending and you will not be happy with your job.

Back to my story, my dad really give me a courage to try this. It is also my mom’s dream. Actually, after she finished her SPM, she got that job as a stewardess in MAS but my grandma hide my mom’s offer letter and she do not even know about it until my grandma accidentally told during my 2nd brother was born. Well, it just not my mom’s fortune I guess.

Then, I made my decision. Okay, I’m gonna try this. It has a good income and I can help my family and also I can travel while working. But to be honest, I prefer to have my own work,my own income and travel with those money without have to serve people. Because at that time, I just want to get out from a Customer Service job scope. I’ve been working in CS for around 4 years and I want to try something different. If you ever been in CS, you’ll know what you need to face on.

After I made that decision, on that time I started my crash diet again. hahahaha! I need to lose fats to gain my confident. That is what I was thinking that time – To fit in those kebaya. But after around 2-3 weeks, I get a other news which totally change my life decision, well I might say , almost change forever. I got an offer to continue my study in degree at University of Malaya in Biohealth science. At first, I just want to give up from study. I want to earn my own money and help my family. But then, my dad said he wants me to continue study because my course is something that can help to build up my family’s herbs business. I am disagree at first. Like seriously, after I made decision to give up on study, I need to go back on study mode? after a long taught,”Okay, let’s continue study. Maybe I will found my better future there? Who knows, right?”

So, I let go that stewardess dream and become a full time student. And that was when everything in my life totally turns upside down and I’m trying to recover from it until now. It was when my father passed away after 2 months I continue my study and my family lost the one and only father and the strength of this family. Too many things happened and too many things that I need to overcome in my life as an adult.

Then, I saw that ads again and it makes me think, “should I continue what I’ve been left before by trying MAS interview or just continue what I’ve been doing right now which is also my father’s wish……….??”


Where To Cook?

Okay, I wanna share with you the biggest problems that always hit me during this period of eating healthy. Food! They are : to find a right food or to control portion (which means moderation) and where can I COOK??

Let’s leave those 2 first problems because I would like to stress more on cooking.

I am a student which living in hostel/college/dorm (because it’s different term in some country right?) Well, we are using ‘college’ here in Malaysia. I am studying in University of Malaya and the biggest problem here and I believe in most all of Universities in Malaysia is that college is not provided with kitchen. It makes me sad because I don’t have an opportunity to cook and to learn how to cook. But what makes me more sadder? We even cannot bring thing that can make us ease to cook. Imagine this. No Rice Cooker. No Heater. No Portable Stove. No Fridge – is allowed to bring/use. Because they said it might cause overuse of electricity,short circuit and fire and other safety reasons. 😦

So, honestly it does cause a lot of trouble for students. Imagine this more. Stall Closed. Food court Closed. – No place you can go to fill your stomach. Eventually, students will eat instant noodles or order fast food that deliver to their college. Well, both option is a BAD OPTION,right? Instant and Fast Food. But what other option do we have?

Oh well, for a sake of my stomach and health, I borrow rice cooker from a friend. So, at least I can cook something and all I need is buy a stuff that I can store in my cabinet. I cannot buy frozen food instead, I buy dry foods such as eggs, oat, vegetable (But need to cook it instantly to avoid it from rotten), fruits.

Of course there is gonna be a spot check for this illegal stuff that I borrowed but I got to be alert with it. I’m not gonna tell here for safety reason..hahaha! but I guess you know how right to hide it? 😉

Here, I would like to voice out my opinion to all college managements, ministry of education and those involved, WHY DON”T YOU PROVIDE A KITCHEN FOR STUDENTS TO COOK AND WE CAN EAT??

Provide us with :

  • Fridge
  • Stove
  • Microwave and Oven
  • Heater

So, we can control our budget on eating outside everyday. When we can spend RM3 per day than RM10 for 3 meals per day.

I believe that cooking can make students become more creative in their life other than helping in eating healthy.

So, what do you think, Students?? Are you agree with me? or you have different opinion? Mind to share if you do have.

Until then, All the best in exam and Stay Wow no matter what! Wink Wink~ ;D