Food Review : Killer Gourmet Burger

Okay, this is my first time trying KGB Burger. I mean their burgers. I used to try their Kimchi Fries with beef bulgogi which I love it so much because of the taste and the portion. We also ate Kimchi Fries Fully Loaded which contained extra rise n shine egg. I tried their burgers but I couldn’t comment much on it because I’ve tasted something better than them. It quite dry for me. Price is average among custom burgers competitors. Environment is quite small in space and if you are coming with a big group, I would suggest to sit outdoor.








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My Food Journal!

It’s been a week of new year of 2014! So, have you start your resolution yet? Hopefully everything is went smoothly and healthy!

Alright, I have been starting eating healthy and exercising since past a month and now I am in the middle of second month. Phewwww!! I am still continuing my eating healthy habit but to be honest, exercising is what I lack at this moment. Oh well, I am gonna used examination week as an excuse 😛 . I know that it is bad attitude because you have to do what you have to. I do done my exercise but it just not too much like previously because I am taking care of my safety at this moment since I still need hands to write. Hahaha! I’ve been kept thinking on worst scenario can be happened if I do wrong such as accidents and cramp. But hey, I do some stretching and a bit workout in my room. I do make time for me to sweat!! Because I just cannot seat there and not sweating and exercising!! It ‘s driving me crazy!! But I promise I will be back on track after I done my examination this Thursday! Last paper of this semester!! Wish me All the best!!

And also, I would like to share about what I have changed in my diet as my resolution in 2014 which is, “Eat Clean, Eat Healthy’. What is the different between this current diet and previous diet? It is all about a new me. I started my new year by keeping a journal of my food intake per day and I even measure my body! I am serious this time. I want to monitor and see is there any changes with my diet. Is it I am losing weight? Is it my waist area reduce? Is it different from previous diet? How my food intake so far? How does my diet makes me feel? Wuuuuu~ that’s a lot of things I need to jot down.

Tada~ Here is my food journal so far. Yes, 1 week! I managed to eat 1400-1200 kcal per day, I even write my feeling and notes beside it so I know how does the food relate with my body/mood changing.

Food Journal

My Food Journal! (Instagram Video,click it and check it out inside of my food journal! :D)

So far, I am trying to eat as clean as I can. Avoiding all those refined and process food and yes, I have eat fast food for almost 2 months! Congrats!! Claps please!! Not even a feel to eat it but there is something which I totally cannot resist, PASTRY!!! Arghhhhhhhhhh!! I was so crazy when I saw and smelled those newly baked.. Arghh!! Sensation and Temptation!!!

And by the way, I saw a different in me when I went shopping for my food supply. I realized that I am not even spending myself lingering in junks food, drinks, frozen food area anymore. I tend to go to fresh part only. My God!! Because I can see lots of refined and process food everywhere. 😦 It do hurts me a lot. With some resistance such as I cannot store my foods in fridge, it is sad I cannot buy food I want to eat. Everything is almost I need to eat it in short days. It is caused money. sad sad sad……..

Last but not least, I saw some changes in my body part and me love it! my chest measurement is decrease and most make me happy is my leg. Wow, it looks so pretty and lean in my eyes. But at this moment, my legs is the 1st to start leaning compared to other. Hey, miss belly tummy, when will you let go those fats stored inside you?? I guess the answers is on me,though. Hahahhaa! Need to work more on cardio! Go Fieza Go! Other changes I saw is I don’t have menstruation cramp this time and menstruation blood flow is heavy and smooth! because usually mens flow is just light and not smooth.

Well, that’s all from me at this moment. So, I am looking forward from myself for next post! I can’t wait to share about it! Until then, Stay Wow and Wink Wink~!! ;D


p/s : and I am so greedy and camera fanatic, I also made a video on this..Hahaha! It is because Instagram duration is short and I recorded this first before Instavideo.. :p