Food Review : Killer Gourmet Burger

Okay, this is my first time trying KGB Burger. I mean their burgers. I used to try their Kimchi Fries with beef bulgogi which I love it so much because of the taste and the portion. We also ate Kimchi Fries Fully Loaded which contained extra rise n shine egg. I tried their burgers but I couldn’t comment much on it because I’ve tasted something better than them. It quite dry for me. Price is average among custom burgers competitors. Environment is quite small in space and if you are coming with a big group, I would suggest to sit outdoor.








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Why Am I Not Losing My Weight?

Reasons You Not Lose Weight

Ever taught why you are dieting but NOT losing weight or your weight is always ups and downs even you are exercising? Have a look a this and think for awhile. Is it same like what you are doing now?
1. Exactly! If you are keeping those excuses in yourself not to do what you are supposed to do, you never gonna see any changes. Results need a hard work. You need to WORK ON IT, not by WISHING or COMPLAINING about your own weight.

2. Control your portion. It is always the key. Trust me. If you keep eating in a big portion, you never gonna win a war with your own mentality. Even though you are exercise and workout right, but if you never control your meal, it is not gonna be happened. As you know, to burn those extra fats, you need to make sure your food intake calories is equal or less than you burn. Even though you are eating healthy, but is your portion right??

3. Stress is always connected with food. When you are stress, you will find a food to comfort you. Change it! Cortisol is a hormone that release when you are stress. You are not hungry, but your body just need food as to ‘protect’ yourself from feeling more stressful. Don’t be fooled by your own body. Try to drink water if you feel stress or do some exercise or things that you like (except eating of course) to avoid you from eating.

4. Do some research on food that you are eating right now. Don’t depends on one or two articles. Try to search more to make sure what you are eating is right. Breaks those false notions. At the same time, you can get a useful knowledge for your life and understand more why some food is not good to consume.

5. Everybody is different. Some people cannot survive without carbs, some just cannot have protein in their diet. Discovery your own diet nutrition. Understand your own body and discovery what diet is suitable for you. Cut those processed food, junk food and of course fast food in your life. Always remember to ‘Eat Smart, Eat Clean and Eat Healthy’. and trust me, it is not gonna be a temporary diet, it is a change of lifestyle. A better you in a future and never ever feel down if you are slow in your progress. As long as you know you are doing it right, a slow progress is still a PROGRESS. Quitting is not gonna do anything towards your body. Never Give Up!

6. Do some exercises. Work your body! Workout is very important to keep our metabolism high even when we are resting. Don’t you want that? It is better to have a high metabolism because it will help you in a long term process instead of dieting alone. Make it as your habit and you are gonna see some changes in your body. Instead, you gonna be more healthy! 

7. Make sure you never skip your meals. Take your breakfast,lunch, dinner and even your snacks. It is good to eat 3-5 times a day ( which is 3 meals and 2 snacks) to keep yourself from starving. Starvation will lead you to take larger portion when you take your meal. Drink more water and snacking ( not a junk food,obviously). Keep your metabolism high.

8. If you are a person with high percentage of body fat, check your diet and exercise. Try to consume less carbs and high in proteins. It is because carbs will eventually convert to sugar and excess sugar leads as excess fat which you really want to avoid. But don’t totally cut your carbs to zero because your body needs carbs as energy source. Take it in moderation and find it in a wholegrain food such as wholegrain bread or rice or even fruits. Lack of carbs can lead you to ketosis . (Elevated of ketone level in body). Exercise to your limit! Challenge yourself! Make sure you are drenching in sweat and feel those soreness. Get that satisfies feeling after you’ve done a hard and very good job workout. feel the endorphines .

9. Water is really important for our body. It helps to burn those fats and detoxifying your liver and thus keep your body fresh,energetic and healthy! Always remember to drink at least 3 liters of water everyday and never ever feel burden to go to the toilet. Yes, you gonna go to the toilet almost 50% of your day. Hey, it is a good sign! Why need to store those toxins in your body??? Love yourself by drinking water.

10. Again, Love yourself. Find the reasons why you do this at first. Is it for to look good? to have skinny body? To show to the world? Your own satisfaction? or you want to be the healthiest person in the world? What ever it is, Do It For Yourself and trust me you will be more happy towards yourself and you gonna love your new you. If you ever feel down or want to give up, remember your determination. Get it right and put your strong willpower to the maximum!

I am also in a process of understanding myself and keeping it on track. I am still in a journey to be a better me and hopefully what I shared here is useful to other especially you. Let’s get through this journey together and support each other. We Can Do IT!

Until then, Stay Wow and Wink wink~!!