Malaysian Snacks – Bring Back To 90’s!

I’m gonna bring you back to 90’s with these snacks!
If you are born between 1980’s to 1990’s , I am sure you know what snacks that I shown here. I’m bringing you back to the past! Reminding you on your childhood days!!

Tora, Ding Dang, JoJo and Nyam Nyam were really viral during that time. Those ads were shown on Cartoons’ airtime. It is to attract kids to buy it. Also you will show it of to your friends and compete to play with them.

What I love the most for these packages are their chocolate cookies. Usually They will have 4 pieces of chocolate cookies as snacks but not this time. đŸ˜Ļ
They change it to candy.

So,let’s open those boxes and see what toy is inside! 😉

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Tora and JoJo Ads credit to Ross Rasip


FOF Treasure It! – SS 2 Night Market!

Food, Fruits and FROG! Yes, FROG!! Read Below for MORE INFO!! 😉 😉

SS2 Night Market is considered as one of the largest night market (Pasar Malam) in Petaling Jaya (PJ).
Dear students nearby, have you check in here yet? Me done it! Flashing On Fiez Treasure it!! 😉

It’s open on Monday from 5pm – 10pm. Wanna know how big is it? The area of its length spans on ENTIRE round of SS2’s commercial center. You will need to walk whole circle to complete your journey of treasure it!

It is known also as a chinese night market since it showcases mostly on Chinese local foods. There is also malay food and hawker.

It is a heaven of fruits for me here. I love to buy fruits here because it is really cheap and taste so good! You also can have a taste first before you buy it so you won’t get fooled or unsatisfied with what you buy. The hawkers are so friendly! Trust me, you can feel the 1 Malaysia here.

Foods such as Snacks, Pastry, Fried, Steam, BBQ or whatever cross your mind, mostly are available here. I almost drooling seeing all those pastry and snacks! Cakessssssssss!! I just love cakes!! But.. for some reason, I couldn’t buy it. Or else, I might end up eating and binging.. That’s why I prevent myself. Let just eat cake for my birthday, so I can eat whole cake by myself.. hehehe..

Other than foods, you may find many stall selling phone accesories. Yes, cheap is the biggest keyword here. Get your phone cover, screen protector, earphone, USB wire, etc here! But of course la, it is not original. 😛
If you want more cheaper, get ready yourself with a skill of bargain. You may get it way more cheaper that it shown.

How to get in there? Me and my room mate ride with motorcycle to get it there. It might be difficult for those who will drive since it is always jam especially after office hour. And for those who need to get on public transport, you might google it.. hehehe.. sorry guys.. But I’m sure that RapidKL Buses are available to get there. It just that I’m not sure which bus you need to choose.

By the way, for your info, this is my 1st outdoor video for my channel! I felt nervous and shy when recording this on public.. hehe.. But I hope it turn out well and fun to watch!
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Malaysian Snacks – Random 3 Snacks!


Whenever you eat a chocolate, please be careful with it. You don’t wanna end up like me. I’ve added my blooper for it if you curious about what I was mentioned just now. It is totally hilarious moment for me during editing this video. I wasn’t even realize it until I edit this video.
(If you have watched all my previous video before, you must know that I put all my blooper for every video that I made.)

I’m gonna put a mirror beside my camera for upcoming review. Buy a new video camera? Oh man, I need to work hard more if I want to buy it. Out of budget at this moment.. Hehehe~ But I really hope I can have my own HD video camera one day.. 😉

Btw, here are my random 3 snacks I chose to review :
1. Kuih Telinga – Ear Cookies / Elephant ear cookies/ bull ear cookies
2. Kek Batik – Batik Cake
3. Hiro Choc Cake

These are all random snacks that I bought at Bakery Shop UM Food court Village, University Malaya.
Watch my video for more info on my review for those snacks.

If you wonder my ending has no wink wink, it is because recording ended half way and like usual, I realize it after I watch it.. Hahaha! Obviously need to do something on it.

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy with me! Have a nice day and see you in Malaysia!! Wink wink~!! 😉 ;D

Malaysian Snacks – Snacks From Ayer Hitam, Johor, Malaysia! PART 2

Alright, I am back for PART 2!! Snack from Ayer Hitam, Johor, Malaysia! If you looking for PART 1, here is the link.
Snacks From Ayer Hitam, Johor, Malaysia! PART 1
– Malaysian Snacks – Snacks From Ayer Hitam, Johor, Malaysia! PART 1

SO, what snacks do I eat this time?? Here you go :
1. Bipang Kacang – Sweet Peanut Snacks
2. Gula Kacang Tumbuk – Peanut Candy
3. Tempe Bulat Pedas – Spicy Rounded Tempe
4. Pisang Sira / Kerepek Pisang Manis – Sweet Banana chips

If you watch my video and notice something weird with my video, it is because I have to re-record my video twice. One in the afternoon and one in the night. It is because my memory card is not enough to support my extra babbling. Hahaha! I even did not realize it until I watch it again. Pheww!

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Malaysian Snacks – Snacks From Ayer Hitam, Johor, Malaysia! PART 1


I bought all these snacks at Ayer Hitam, Johor, Malaysia. It is located near Batu Pahat. It a place of snacks and even cheap stuff. You can even buy a Giant Teddy Bear with RM50 (if you know how to bargain). Visit there if you want to explore all of Johorean or most of Malaysian Snacks!!

What snacks do I bought for this part 1??
1. Kerepek Bawang Berwarna – Colored Onion Chips
2. Putu Kelapa/ Biskut Kelapa Bakar – Coconut cookies/ Baked Coconut cookies
3. Kuih Karas – Karas cookies
4. Belinjau/ Empingan Belinjau – Belinjau Chips

Have you watch my previous video for Kerepek Bawang?? Go click on this link.
Kerepek Bawang –

It is a original kerepek bawang(onion chips). Learn how to eat it in a fun way and how it taste!

Baked Coconut cookies or Biskut Kelapa Bakar has a sweet milky of coconut milk. It is melted in your mouth and has a crumb texture. It has a almost same taste like Kuih Bakar. The seller said it has a Pandan flavor but I couldn’t taste any Pandan. đŸ˜Ļ
The original cookies would be white in color.

Kuih Karas is made by rice flour. It need a good experience to fried it because it is not easy to make it like a net. It is crispy. In the video, I keep on saying crunchy when it supposed to say as crispy because of the texture. Pardon me for my English,guys. Still improving here.

Last but not least, Belinjau Chips. It is made from a Belinjau. It has a bitter taste but trust me, a bite will kill you. but please take 3-4 bites. I guarantee that you will become addictive and that flavor will be in your mind forever. I just love it! Especially after I eat too many sweets or spicy food. 😉
It is made by pressing those belinjau in thin layer and fried it. Give it a taste!!

So, Part 1 ended here. Don’t forget to tune in for my next video, Part 2! Trust me, Part 2 there are 2 items that I totally 200% love it and wanted to give a full recommendation to buy! What are those?? Hehehe!!

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Malaysian Snacks – Kerepek Bawang

For Malaysian,they must know what is Kerepek Bawang or in English you can call it as ‘Onion Chips’. It made by onions and some other ingredients such as lemongrass and blend it all and make it as a dough with flour and fry it. It tastes crunchy and FUN to eat it ! Why is it fun?? Watch it! You van find this in Malaysia! Don’t forget to get it a a snack to bring it to your country!!

Have fun and nice trip in Malaysia! Terima kasih! wink wink~!!

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Malaysian Snacks – Bipang Bola & Cakar Ayam


Here is my link for previous video for Kerepek Bawang :

It is time for Malaysian Snacks~ It is known as Bipang Bola(Sweet Ball Rice Cracker) and Cakar Ayam.

This is second video that I uploaded after Kerepek Bawang (Onion Chips) but hopefully I can continue doing this as to explore and share this to friends and visitors that gonna visit Malaysia.

It is one of my objectives to introduce Malaysian Snacks and Chips.

Please support me and give a comment so I may improve my lack and giving my best!

And forgive me for my English. I am doing my best here. ;D