My 4th Week of Diet Journey 2017

Hey guys! Hope you are doing great!

A quick update on my diet and my weigh. I just weighed myself today ( 21 October 2017). Voila, I managed to erase that number 7! Say welcome to number 6!!



69.8 kg!!

Well, to make sure that I really hit that number 6, I will need to make sure on my next scale is at least 67kg. In case the weight scale is not calibrated. :p


Total lost for this week = Last week – This week

= 71.3 kg – 69.8 kg = 1.5 kg. 

This week quite tough because I didn’t eat well due to traveling. What a pity to my stomach. 😦 So, on next week, let’s get it on track!

That’s all from me! See you again next time! 🙂


My 3rd Week of Diet Journey 2017!

Annyeonghaseyo and Hello!

If you missed my 1st writing about my diet journey 2017, you can read it here. I shared my diet meals too. 🙂

Today is my 3rd week of dieting and I would like to share my progress. I would finish my 3rd week on this Sunday (15 October 2017). This would be a short update!

So, I weighed myself today on my 3rd day on the 3rd week. The number shown made me smile. I am pretty sure that before I started my diet, my weight was 76kg-78kg. Then, I weighed once at Minisou on my 1st week, 74.3kg (if I am not mistaken). That was my 1st motivation to keep on my diet. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a functional weight scale. I do have but it is not working well. Thus, I went again to Minisou on the 2nd week and bought my first digital scale. This is how it looks like!


The light reflection

So, below is my current weight for today!


Now, that is my reflection. X)

If my calculation is right that my 1st weight was 78kg, I already lost 7kg in 17 days! Yeay! I really couldn’t believe this. But to make it official, I used the one that is confirmed, which is 74kg-71kg= 3kg in 10 days! 🙂 This was the weight that I weighed on my 2nd week (Sunday, 1 October 2017)

For this week, I am focusing on exercising. Not too much, just squad and simple pilates. I’ve been following Cassey from Blogilates since 2013 where I started my first ever eat healthy and clean! I managed to get 55kg during that time!! What an achievement but then, I love food more after I graduated from university. Haha!

Overall,  I hope I can get a good number on end of my 3rd week! I am targetting for 65kg by the end of the October. Phew. I am very afraid of a plateau. Wish me all the best!

My Diet Journey 2017

Hey There! How are you doing? Hope you are doing great!

Well, what a cool title, isn’t it? This blog has been dedicated to writing about my diet journey. I am not sure this is for how many times that I wrote about ‘Diet Journey’. Image result for emoticon laughing

But, let’s move backward for 3 years back on 2014 when  I started to eat like a normal people; where I do not think and just eat. Thus, nowadays I weight almost 20kg more when I was in 2013. Aha!

After lots of procrastinations, here I am today with some initiative. It’s probably not something that I did when I practicing ‘Eat Healthy & Clean’. What I did was, cutting my calories. I took 3 meals per day but I reduced the calories. Below are my meals:



  •  Banana Milk
    • 1 piece of Banana
    • 300 ml of milk

I blended both and bring this to my office as a breakfast. This idea came when I addicted with Banana Milk from Juicy and Binggrae banana milk. The latter has lots of sugar and I would like to take less. But the juice from Juicy is great because it tastes fresh.

  • 2x Boiled eggs

You would like to know why boiled eggs are good? Read it here. I wrote this article on 2014. 🙂


  • Scramble eggs wrap
    • 2 eggs beaten and cook as scrambled egg with added cheese.
    • Wrap

I would cook this early in the morning right after I open my eyes. I will pack on zip plastic bag and bring it to the office as lunch. I chose Kraft Cheese with 60% less fat. It has 41 calories per slice.

  • Tuna sandwich
    • Tuna canned in olive oil + lettuce
    • 2 slices of Wholewheat bread

I managed to do this 3 times because eventually, I would like to cut calories that contained in the wholewheat bread. Thus, I decided to do wrap instead.


  • Yong Tau Foo
    • Water spinach
    • 2 pieces of tau foo or fucuk.
    • Plain Soup

This is one of the alternatives for dinner because it contains soup. It is easy to digest and less in calories as I only consume water & vege. Most probably the calories would be less than 350 calories. It will depend on the extra Yong Tau Foo that I choose.

  • Soup
    • Campbell canned soup – Mushroom/seafood/etc. + 1x toasted wrap.
    • Pumpkin Soup
    • Bone Soup (Sup Tulang)

The western soup may contain starch and it may affect the calorie counting. Here, I need to be careful not to oversize on my serving.


I am trying not to take any snacks in between unless if I felt that my body is tired and need more calories.

Overall, I am trying to avoid too much of process sugar on my diet. My total of calories for each meal would be 300 calories or less. In total, I would be taking less than ~1000 calories per day. Which the recommended would be not less than ~1200 calories as it may decrease your body metabolism. But I practiced this on my very 1st attempt at the successful diet. Still, I am making sure that my body not hypoglycemic.

Currently, I am on this diet on the 3rd week. I lost 3 kg in my 1st week and 2kg in the 2nd week. I am trying to include a short pilates or exercise starting today. So, let’s see what is my result as in 3rd week! 🙂



Fit Tips – What To Snack? – 100 calories of Nuts


I guess so many people are still afraid to eat nuts. Most of the reason – It will cause acne  and breakage on the skin and it is high in fat. To those who are trying to lose some weight, in progress of bod/ muscle building, eat healthy and clean, this is what you should snack!

First of all, nuts are not the reason why skin breakage or acne or pimple or oily face. This is how acne occurs:

Acne occurs when several things happen inside the pore. First, the sebaceous glands produce too much oil. Then, as the pore’s lining naturally renews itself, it sheds dead cells.

Several factors can lead to acne, including:

  • Hormones
  • Heredity
  • Some medicines
  • Some make-up and cosmetic products
  • Friction from clothing and sporting equipment
  • Environmental factors such as pollution and humidity

Factors that DO NOT lead to acne include:

  • Diet
  • Dirt on the skin
  • Normal, day-to-day stress

Other factors can be because your digestive system not effectively digest nuts which has been fried (too oily) or maybe you are having a allergic from nuts. If you choose nuts that have been added too much oil ,salt and sugar, that are one of the reasons why you’re having a breakage. Try to buy the natural or roasted nuts. Your body will love it! 😉

It is true that nuts are high in fats – which is unsaturated fat. It is part of the healthy fat that your body need to fight fat. Yes. You read it right. Nuts are Fat-Fighting Food! Most of the people are still believe that food contains fats will causing obesity or fat storage. It is actually Carbohydrates that store fats inside of your body/ under your skin. Don’t avoid healthy fats in your daily nutrition, hence eat it in moderation. It is very helpful in weigh loss. Other than that, it is also disease fighting properties. According to the research, people who consume nuts and healthy fats are less risk in getting heart disease, respiratory problems, Type 2 Diabetes and cancer thus extend life expectancy!

Nuts are traditional protein sources. It helps to reduce saturated fat and calorie in overall diet. Besides that, protein is satiating. Again, it is healthy mono-saturated fat and one of the best plant source of protein. It metabolized slowly by the body because of high in fiber. Researchers said that snackers feel more satisfied when snacking nuts compared to other healthy snacks. That is why it is good and very recommended as food for weight maintenance.

Did you know that Peanut is a brain food? I love Peanuts!!!! It is good for brain health because it contained vitamin E which prevent cognitive decline that happens with age and Vitamin B folate which improve neutral health. It is crunchy right? Don’t you love that crunchiness? It is that suggest mechanical aspect of chewing generates a satiety signal.

Whenever you are stress, try to eat nuts. It is said that it is good for stress reduction since it rich in alpha-linolenic acids that contained in walnuts. How about Almond? –  it bolster your immune system when stress because of high of vitamin E, Vitamin B and Magnesium. (okay, can you count how many nutrient that you can get from nuts? Phew~ It is many!More to come! Read more!!)

Psst! This is for men! Gentlemen, nuts are very good for your reproductive system and that is mean it is good for your sperms! Eat walnuts more because it effect on sperm quality – your sperms will be more healthy and stronger to swim to their goal! Pistachio is good in reducing erectile dysfunction. For those who still young, it is time to eat pistachio regularly! 😛 Thus, it helps in prevent prostate cancer because of high mineral selenium. Gentlemen, are you still afraid to eat nuts? Grab your car key now and go buy it! oh by the way, wait! Finish reading this article first! Haha!

Still afraid to eat because of – High in Cholesterol? If you have high LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) / The Bad Cholesterol a.k.a The Devil , afraid not! Hey, nuts reduced the ratio of LDL to HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein)/ The Good Cholesterol a.k.a Dear Angel. Triglyceride concentration declined by more than 10% compared to those who do not consume it.

For me, my favorite nuts are peanuts and cashew nuts! Fun and good in taste to eat! Peanuts are much cheaper to buy compared to other. Also, peanuts can be turned into Peanut Butter. Spread it on the wholewheat bread and put some slices of banana. Nyummy!!

There are many types of nuts can be found out there and it can be differ in different country. But mostly, recommended nuts are peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts and pistachio. For me, it is easy and cheap to buy peanuts here in Malaysia compared to walnuts and pistachios.

Remember, try to buy nuts that not been ‘contaminated’ with added oil, salt or sugar. Most of the nuts product sell in the shops have been fried and hydrogenated thus, the nutrients are less and bad for body. Choose your nuts smartly. Check those labels before you buy it. Understand your food more.

An ounce of nuts a day keeps the doctor away.

I encourage you to put nuts in your nutrition and throw away your bad impression on nuts. Instead, enjoy it in moderation and feel the different!

Spread the love and wink wink! 😉 😉


100 Cal Nuts

Look What I’ve Bought!


Just came back from shopping! Look what I’ve bought! Lots and lots of fruits! AEON Big having a promotion, so I grabbed that change! 😉 So cheap!
I bought oranges, apples, Shinko pear, Mango, Dragon fruits, Star fruits, Grapes, Banana, and CIKU!! I love Ciku! Don’t you? I like it because of the sweetness. What else? Prunes!! It’s been ages I haven’t bought and eat it! Almost 8-9 years??

I’ve fallen in love with Anlene Choco flavor! It taste just like Cadbury Hot chocolate and Me Love it!! Btw, it is already time for me to consume this kind of milk for my better bones right? Stay strong, Bonnies!! I need you to stay healthy and fit!
I also bought Korean dried seaweed. Just wanna to try it. Different package, though.
And do you saw that? Those biscuits? Hahahha.. Okay, it wasn’t for me. I bought it so I can share it with others. Share it and spread those calories. 1 cookies won’t harm you, though. That is why As they said, Sharing is caring. 😉
This is my 2-3 weeks of fruits storage. Hopefully I won’t finish it all in 1 week. 😛

Spread the love and Wink wink~! 😉 😉



Hey, Egg is Good La!

Did you know that eggs can contribute for your leaner waistline?

By grabbing a convenient, easily-prepared egg, you’re poised to keep building fat-burning muscle and firm abs. So, don’t be afraid to enjoy the entire egg to take advantage of all the nutritional benefits they have to offer.

It is the most cheapest protein that you can buy and eat to gain your muscle and also keep you full until your lunch time! Come on, less than 50 cents for 1 whole egg. 😉
Psstt.. It is also good for our brain!

Do You love egg? I Do!It is a very good source of protein! But many people afraid to eat it because of cholesterol. Hey, egg didn’t harm you unless you overeat it!

Eggs supply the energy you’ll need to work your abs and keep them toned and tight. Try to consume 1-2 of hard boiled eggs as a breakfast. It is also fit into your pocket or bag and easy to bring it as a snack! 😉

Or there are other options or menu that you can try on eggs. I also love poached eggs with toast. But try to avoid fried egg as possible.
Studies in recent years show that eating a high-protein breakfast, like one that incorporates eggs, can help you lose more weight, lower body mass index, and whittle inches off of your waist when compared against a bagel breakfast of equal calories.

A research has shown that eating whole eggs increases HDL — the heart-protective, “good” cholesterol.
Those with heart disease, diabetes, or a high level of LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol should probably choose a small or medium egg vs. larger ones which have more cholesterol. Remember that egg whites have no cholesterol.

It is also good for :

Muscle Development –
With six grams of protein a pop, along with all of the amino acids our bodies need to build muscle, eggs are a great choice for encouraging muscle development.

For the Brain –
Eggs may be good for brain function since they contain choline. Choline is a nutrient that regulates the brain, nervous system and cardiovascular health. It helps maintain the structure of brain cell membranes, which helps relay messages from the brain to nerves and muscles. It also helps pregnant women with fetal brain development and prevents birth defects.

For Weight Management –
Eggs are a quality source of protein, and are known to be the highest source of all food sources. Protein helps give your body energy and makes you feel full longer. Eggs are also low in saturated fat and can be considered a lean protein, as they contain only 70 calories each. Lean proteins are a vital component to weight management, when accompanied by fresh vegetables and whole grains. Eggs may also help build muscle strength and prevent muscle loss.

For the Eyes, Hair and Nails –
Health diaries suggests that eggs are especially beneficial to the eyes. Eating one daily may prevent macular degeneration, because eggs contain the nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients are found in eggs more than other food sources. Consuming eggs may also lower the risk of cataracts. Eggs also contain a high sulfur content and are a good source vitamin D, along with other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This helps grow healthy hair and nails.

A Simple Guide To Eggs Egg Lovers' Breakfast

Credit and citation to

Fit Tips – What To Drink?

What usually you drink early in the morning or once you wake up?
Coffee? juices? Hot Chocolate?
If you wanna increase your metabolism and at the same time to detox your body, why don’t you drink lemon water and green tea?
Yes! Lemon and Green Tea! Yes! Detox Product! Yes! Simple and Cheap yet NATURAL!!

Why both are good for you?
Lemon has been known for centuries for its benefits. But what I stress about lemon benefits in this video are :
– Aids in Indigestion & Weight lose,
– Helps to purify and stimulate your liver (DETOX!)
– Boost immune system

Lemon is very good to aids for indigestion. It helps to relieve heartburn, bloating and belching/burping. The atomic composition of lemon is similar like saliva and hydrochloric acid. Yes, lemon is acidic fruit but citric acid that contained will become alkaline once it is metabolize in the body. It will stimulate liver to produce bile acid which is important in digestion and digestive juice.

It balance pH of the body thus boosts immune system. That is why it is good and strong antibacterial and antiviral. It is high in Vitamin C. That’s the reason why it is high in antioxidant! It helps to fight Free Radical! yes! Good to reduce Carcinogen! Not just that, It also helps to reduce wrinkles and blemishes! Yes Ladies! Good skin care/cosmetic product! That is why lemon is very widely used in cosmetic and skin care product.

What about Green Tea benefits? I’ve discussed it on my blog. Here is the link!
Green Tea For Weight Loss –


What you need to AVOID when drink this? Please drink it without added any sugar. It is the best to drink it just like that. Try to avoid it and enjoy the natural taste. It is better that way! And your taste bud will love it day by day because you can taste the natural sugar from lemon.

Hope you are getting some info and knowledge here!
Do spread the love!
Thank You for watching and Wink Wink~!! 😉 😉

p/s : I’ve decided to publish my video every Tuesday! So, for more video, see you next week on Tuesday! Stay healthy, people!! 😉