My Diet Journey 2017

Hey There! How are you doing? Hope you are doing great!

Well, what a cool title, isn’t it? This blog has been dedicated to writing about my diet journey. I am not sure this is for how many times that I wrote about ‘Diet Journey’. Image result for emoticon laughing

But, let’s move backward for 3 years back on 2014 when  I started to eat like a normal people; where I do not think and just eat. Thus, nowadays I weight almost 20kg more when I was in 2013. Aha!

After lots of procrastinations, here I am today with some initiative. It’s probably not something that I did when I practicing ‘Eat Healthy & Clean’. What I did was, cutting my calories. I took 3 meals per day but I reduced the calories. Below are my meals:



  •  Banana Milk
    • 1 piece of Banana
    • 300 ml of milk

I blended both and bring this to my office as a breakfast. This idea came when I addicted with Banana Milk from Juicy and Binggrae banana milk. The latter has lots of sugar and I would like to take less. But the juice from Juicy is great because it tastes fresh.

  • 2x Boiled eggs

You would like to know why boiled eggs are good? Read it here. I wrote this article on 2014. 🙂


  • Scramble eggs wrap
    • 2 eggs beaten and cook as scrambled egg with added cheese.
    • Wrap

I would cook this early in the morning right after I open my eyes. I will pack on zip plastic bag and bring it to the office as lunch. I chose Kraft Cheese with 60% less fat. It has 41 calories per slice.

  • Tuna sandwich
    • Tuna canned in olive oil + lettuce
    • 2 slices of Wholewheat bread

I managed to do this 3 times because eventually, I would like to cut calories that contained in the wholewheat bread. Thus, I decided to do wrap instead.


  • Yong Tau Foo
    • Water spinach
    • 2 pieces of tau foo or fucuk.
    • Plain Soup

This is one of the alternatives for dinner because it contains soup. It is easy to digest and less in calories as I only consume water & vege. Most probably the calories would be less than 350 calories. It will depend on the extra Yong Tau Foo that I choose.

  • Soup
    • Campbell canned soup – Mushroom/seafood/etc. + 1x toasted wrap.
    • Pumpkin Soup
    • Bone Soup (Sup Tulang)

The western soup may contain starch and it may affect the calorie counting. Here, I need to be careful not to oversize on my serving.


I am trying not to take any snacks in between unless if I felt that my body is tired and need more calories.

Overall, I am trying to avoid too much of process sugar on my diet. My total of calories for each meal would be 300 calories or less. In total, I would be taking less than ~1000 calories per day. Which the recommended would be not less than ~1200 calories as it may decrease your body metabolism. But I practiced this on my very 1st attempt at the successful diet. Still, I am making sure that my body not hypoglycemic.

Currently, I am on this diet on the 3rd week. I lost 3 kg in my 1st week and 2kg in the 2nd week. I am trying to include a short pilates or exercise starting today. So, let’s see what is my result as in 3rd week! 🙂




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