BTS – Love Yourself ‘Her’ & DNA

So, I am and still a BIGBANG fan when it involved group. It just that I didn’t that hardcore anymore. Just a mild and light fan. So, it happened last year when I found this Korean boy group – BTS (방탄소년단); and listened to 피 땀 눈물 or Blood, Sweat & Tears. Voila, I am an ARMY now! 😀

Their new album were out on September 18, 2017 – Love Yourself. The DNA song is catchy and the whistling part is the iconic part of this song. I am using it as my notification ringtone and lots of response from it. HAHAHA! The best part, most of the people found it creepy such as:

  1. It sounds like a wind before a storm.
  2. It perfects for horror movie.
  3. Someone is whistling and they are so curious where the sound come from. My phone is just on the table and in front of them. (wondering)

Have you watched the MV? Well, I have a mix response on it. I would like to make it simple – Messy & no focus. But they are some part that I adore; J-Hope & V part and ending when the boys dance. I really like how Jimin grooved with the rhythm. here. I am waiting for their practice video!

In terms of the music & lyrics, I love it! I admire how the lyrics & songs are not just about typical LOVE.

I would like to make this post as simple post. Please immerse yourself with the song. I listened it more than 2 times to make me humming and like the song. How about you? 😉


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