[Movie Review] Now You See Me 2

[Movie Review] : Now You See Me 2.

“Quite slow compared to the first one.”

Rating: 2.5/5
Story Line: 2.5/5
Magic: 3/5
Excitement: 2.5/5

For me, I would prefer the first movie. It gave a lot of excitement about the characters and magic that they did. Unfortunately, the sequel was quite slow and it didn’t show much the ‘power’ of each characters. The story line was not really smooth except the final 30 minutes of the movie.

For me, it shown: Chaos, chaos, chaos and magic.

The character of Walter was just okay. His appearance didn’t give much impact. He was just a bad guy. Nothing more than that. Oh yeah, and a real Fool.😏 To put him and Jay Chou in the center of their poster, is just not fair.

Jay Chou was just a prop and as a part of the Eye, he didn’t give any impact in this movie. Too bad he had a very small role.

Daryl (Mark Ruffalo) appeared clumsy. Probably because they wanted to highlight about the argument within the team and make him looks helpless.

My favorite magic is when Atlas did the reversed rain drops. Even though it’s CGI, but I love how he control his body and reaction to make it looks cool. *I love everything that involves rain.*

I could say the magics were least than before. As I mentioned, the highlight of this movie was just the last 30 minutes.

A quite disappointment towards my expectation on this movie. But, it still fun to watch. 😉


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