Dreams. 夢。꿈.

I often heard people always said that, “I wanna go to sleep and have a nice and sweet dream. Dream is a place where everyone can be what and get what they want. Just dream it.”

But for me, I don’t get that kind of views. I never get what I want in my dream. Okay, for example like I want to have a date with Rain in my dream. BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED! EVEN IN MY DREAM! that’s so frustrating for me. In reality is almost 0.00000001% that I will get that chance to date Rain. Even in my dream I can’t make it real. 😦

But I don’t usually dream. I wonder how they meet their happiness in their night dream?

Hahaha. Okay. Enough on night dream. But for sure, I want to make my dreams become reality. 🙂


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