Give Up?

Oh gosh.. seriously I’ve gave up quite a long time. I forgot what I want and my determination effect from my stress. It such a shame.

It’s not that I hate to see my body gain weight, it just that I don’t feel good with my body. I tend to feel tired and bloating all the time. That are effects from unhealthy habit lifestyle if you forgotten. I feel it now. Junk food, simple carbs and refined sugar. I need to wake up.

I saw Sapna’s picture on her post. Hey, every time I saw her picture, it will hit back my determination of eating healthy and smart.

Well, I’m on my examination weeks. I guess it is a good weeks to pinch me and start back everything that I left behind? I will get on track especially my meals. Gosh, it is really out of path. Shake me from this bad nightmare! Hahaha!

Cut refined flour, white rice, white sugar! 2 weeks! Go, Fieza! I can do this!!




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