Oh Well~

Hi! Hello! How You’re Doing??

And yes I’m back! Yohooo~ after a time,yeah?

So, what’s happening?

I’ve lost my track. Totally. Yes. I’ve gained weight. Again. It is sad,though.

I’ve been working on it for 5 months and there I go.

First, it is all environment and secondly, my determinations went down. way down.

But may I share my opinion? I always wondering why I cannot be me? I mean, eat normally and not even have to worry on what’s gonna be happen next? Hahaha! I know it’s quite impossible especially for me who like to eat big.

My emotion and situations lost me. I’m sorry dear body.

But instead, I learned something here. Love yourself. Don’t hate it. Try to overcome it, my eating disorder. I try not to over for it. I still try to control it.

you know what? every time I want to eat, I also asked myself. “why I cannot eat it?” When I holding a bread. “Is it guilty for me to eat this?” when I was standing in front of ice cream box. “I cannot have this today?” Thinking on what to eat for lunch.

It such a shameful for me when I’m not able to choose my meals properly. I mean, I’m getting fat not because I’m trying different foods but more on I chose same foods everyday. That hurts me, though. really.

I want to enjoy, working on my body, make it move and eat normally and properly. I don’t want to strict myself. I just want to be a normal people. When I want to eat it, I can eat it. Oh dear body. Seems that I’m too lazy to move yeah?

All the best, Fieza!




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