Look What I’ve Bought!


Just came back from shopping! Look what I’ve bought! Lots and lots of fruits! AEON Big having a promotion, so I grabbed that change! 😉 So cheap!
I bought oranges, apples, Shinko pear, Mango, Dragon fruits, Star fruits, Grapes, Banana, and CIKU!! I love Ciku! Don’t you? I like it because of the sweetness. What else? Prunes!! It’s been ages I haven’t bought and eat it! Almost 8-9 years??

I’ve fallen in love with Anlene Choco flavor! It taste just like Cadbury Hot chocolate and Me Love it!! Btw, it is already time for me to consume this kind of milk for my better bones right? Stay strong, Bonnies!! I need you to stay healthy and fit!
I also bought Korean dried seaweed. Just wanna to try it. Different package, though.
And do you saw that? Those biscuits? Hahahha.. Okay, it wasn’t for me. I bought it so I can share it with others. Share it and spread those calories. 1 cookies won’t harm you, though. That is why As they said, Sharing is caring. 😉
This is my 2-3 weeks of fruits storage. Hopefully I won’t finish it all in 1 week. 😛

Spread the love and Wink wink~! 😉 😉




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