Fit Tips – What To Drink?

What usually you drink early in the morning or once you wake up?
Coffee? juices? Hot Chocolate?
If you wanna increase your metabolism and at the same time to detox your body, why don’t you drink lemon water and green tea?
Yes! Lemon and Green Tea! Yes! Detox Product! Yes! Simple and Cheap yet NATURAL!!

Why both are good for you?
Lemon has been known for centuries for its benefits. But what I stress about lemon benefits in this video are :
– Aids in Indigestion & Weight lose,
– Helps to purify and stimulate your liver (DETOX!)
– Boost immune system

Lemon is very good to aids for indigestion. It helps to relieve heartburn, bloating and belching/burping. The atomic composition of lemon is similar like saliva and hydrochloric acid. Yes, lemon is acidic fruit but citric acid that contained will become alkaline once it is metabolize in the body. It will stimulate liver to produce bile acid which is important in digestion and digestive juice.

It balance pH of the body thus boosts immune system. That is why it is good and strong antibacterial and antiviral. It is high in Vitamin C. That’s the reason why it is high in antioxidant! It helps to fight Free Radical! yes! Good to reduce Carcinogen! Not just that, It also helps to reduce wrinkles and blemishes! Yes Ladies! Good skin care/cosmetic product! That is why lemon is very widely used in cosmetic and skin care product.

What about Green Tea benefits? I’ve discussed it on my blog. Here is the link!
Green Tea For Weight Loss –


What you need to AVOID when drink this? Please drink it without added any sugar. It is the best to drink it just like that. Try to avoid it and enjoy the natural taste. It is better that way! And your taste bud will love it day by day because you can taste the natural sugar from lemon.

Hope you are getting some info and knowledge here!
Do spread the love!
Thank You for watching and Wink Wink~!! 😉 😉

p/s : I’ve decided to publish my video every Tuesday! So, for more video, see you next week on Tuesday! Stay healthy, people!! 😉


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