Fit Tips – What To Buy? (Student Ver.)


What to buy when you are trying to eat healthy as a STUDENT?
What did you have in your rack? What food did you store? Is it healthy?

It is difficult especially when you don’t have any cooking equipment or even a kitchen like me. It becomes restrict to eat clean and healthy as we wanted. It is difficult to depend on food from stall or restaurant since we can never control what ingredients that they put. Mostly their foods are almost 70-80% were fried, deep-fried or processed food. The other 20% is available for those who are watching their food intake but day by day, we don’t have choice or variety of food that we can eat. Eventually, I am getting tired of feeling getting restricted by food that I eat. It gives a diet/starving feeling even though we are not. Are you feeling the same thing like me?

There is a lot of instant foods are available in the store BUT unfortunately not many things that available are good. Mostly it is a processed food and full with chemicals such as MSG, preservatives, artificial flavor, added sugar and so on.

This is where we need to list and shop our grocery list smartly. Choose Smartly and Eat Healthy. Don’t just buy anything that seems easy for you to eat. Think what is good for your body and at the same time, easy.

I’ve shared my food supply. What about yours? I would love to know your opinion and your list regarding this!


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