My Favorite Exercise?

Some like to exercise outdoor while other like to exercise indoor. Every person have a different perspective. For me, I prefer to exercise outdoor such as walking or jogging. 

It is because when I exercise indoor, I tend to cheat and have a lot of rest. Example when I doing a HIIT after 10-15 mins, I feel tired and I will rest for 5-10 min before continue. And sometimes, I might not continue at all. That’s what really challenge me. Discipline. 

Rather than keeping that way, I chose to do outdoor exercise. No matter how far I walk or jog, I still need to walk to go back, right? I won’t rest easily. If I rest, then I will came home late and dark. That is why I prefer to walking and jogging at least 30 minutes. But if there is extra time, I will do HIIT around 5-10 mins. I love to make my exercise fun and enjoy. 

By the way, you know what are other benefits that you can get when you do outdoor? 

  • You may enjoy the environment and views. Enjoy those green and building that maybe you never see before. Trust me, keep your head up and see 360 degrees. You may explore something new.
  • You mat meet different people. This is time when you also can get socialize. If you are friendly enough to say Hi and make a new friend, go on! Don’t waste your time alone! Make a new friend. 

Which is yours?? 😉





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