Malaysian Snacks – Bring Back To 90’s!

I’m gonna bring you back to 90’s with these snacks!
If you are born between 1980’s to 1990’s , I am sure you know what snacks that I shown here. I’m bringing you back to the past! Reminding you on your childhood days!!

Tora, Ding Dang, JoJo and Nyam Nyam were really viral during that time. Those ads were shown on Cartoons’ airtime. It is to attract kids to buy it. Also you will show it of to your friends and compete to play with them.

What I love the most for these packages are their chocolate cookies. Usually They will have 4 pieces of chocolate cookies as snacks but not this time. 😦
They change it to candy.

So,let’s open those boxes and see what toy is inside! 😉

Until then, thank you for watching and don’t forget to thumbs up and share it to your friends to remind them your happy days!

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Tora and JoJo Ads credit to Ross Rasip


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