Malaysian Snacks – Snacks From Ayer Hitam, Johor, Malaysia! PART 1


I bought all these snacks at Ayer Hitam, Johor, Malaysia. It is located near Batu Pahat. It a place of snacks and even cheap stuff. You can even buy a Giant Teddy Bear with RM50 (if you know how to bargain). Visit there if you want to explore all of Johorean or most of Malaysian Snacks!!

What snacks do I bought for this part 1??
1. Kerepek Bawang Berwarna – Colored Onion Chips
2. Putu Kelapa/ Biskut Kelapa Bakar – Coconut cookies/ Baked Coconut cookies
3. Kuih Karas – Karas cookies
4. Belinjau/ Empingan Belinjau – Belinjau Chips

Have you watch my previous video for Kerepek Bawang?? Go click on this link.
Kerepek Bawang –

It is a original kerepek bawang(onion chips). Learn how to eat it in a fun way and how it taste!

Baked Coconut cookies or Biskut Kelapa Bakar has a sweet milky of coconut milk. It is melted in your mouth and has a crumb texture. It has a almost same taste like Kuih Bakar. The seller said it has a Pandan flavor but I couldn’t taste any Pandan. 😦
The original cookies would be white in color.

Kuih Karas is made by rice flour. It need a good experience to fried it because it is not easy to make it like a net. It is crispy. In the video, I keep on saying crunchy when it supposed to say as crispy because of the texture. Pardon me for my English,guys. Still improving here.

Last but not least, Belinjau Chips. It is made from a Belinjau. It has a bitter taste but trust me, a bite will kill you. but please take 3-4 bites. I guarantee that you will become addictive and that flavor will be in your mind forever. I just love it! Especially after I eat too many sweets or spicy food. πŸ˜‰
It is made by pressing those belinjau in thin layer and fried it. Give it a taste!!

So, Part 1 ended here. Don’t forget to tune in for my next video, Part 2! Trust me, Part 2 there are 2 items that I totally 200% love it and wanted to give a full recommendation to buy! What are those?? Hehehe!!

Thank you for watching and hopefully you are having fun! See you for Part 2!
Wink wink~!! ;D ;D


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