My Comics Collection!

So, it not about snacks and chips this time! I wanted to share my collection of COMICS!! But I just make it simple and nice until I forget to show Naruto comics and some other comics. It is some of my collection that I shown here which I believe that most of you must have it such as Doraemon, Dragon Ball, Sailormoon, Detective Conan.

My favorite comics are Sailormoon and Penyiasat Remaja/ Teenage Detective Hajime Kindaichi. I love it sooooooooooo much!

For me,comics are wonderful and it teaches me many things in life. It is not wasting time to read it like some other complain it. But it you read a comic full of nudity or too much violent, I can’t give any comment about that. A choice is in your hand.

And have you ever wonder why I wrapped my comics with a wrapper? It is because I had a thought when I was a kid, that if somebody want to buy a comic (imagine it around 20-30 years later), that people wanna buy it because of it antique value, I might be able to sell it in a higher price.. hahahhaa!! But I guess, it is still not applicable until now. But If you realize, the price has become expensive than before. I bought those comics from RM3,50/book. But nowadays, they sell it until RM6-7 each. Wooww..

Anyway, do you a comics collector too?? Share with me what is your favorite comics!!


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