Malaysian Snacks – Colorful Snacks!

Colorful Snacks! I bought this randomly but than I found out that I bought all snacks which is full with variety of colors.Some of these snacks remind me of my childhood because it is easy to find backdays but not nowadays. It is not usually eat by me and I think even all Malaysian. So, somehow it also a limited edition of snacks. Haha~

Name of those snacks are:
1. Biskut Piring Wafer – Wafer Plate Biscuits
2. Kuih Kelapa – Shredded Coconut cookies
3. Keropok Bunga – Flower Craker Snacks
4. Kuih Beras – Rice cake/snacks

Those wafer are have a texture like a polystyrene and fun to eat! Usually we like to play it like a UFO because of its shape. It also can let be melted inside of your mouth when you eat it.

I am not so sure either Kuih Kelapa is called coconut shredded or shredded coconut. Hahaha! Alright, as long it based by using coconut. So I decided to call it as coconut shredded. I love this cookies so much and because it is FUN TO EAT!! Chew and chew and chew and let the coconut milk fill your mouth!! Nyummyyy!!

My pronunciation here might confusing. It is a Flower snacks made from different flour. Hahaha! It made from potatoes flour and wheat flour and they made it into a flowery dough and deep fried it. It has an oily texture. It has a taste like a prawn or shrimp cracker such as ROTA or Double Decker cracker.

Last but not least, Rice cake snacks. Yes, it made from a rice flour. But this is my least favorite snacks. It has a strange weird smell and taste. I know it is a Malaysian snacks but I never eat it before. I’ve tasted a different rice cake snacks but it didn’t taste like this. This one is sooooo different. It has a taste like Tapai (Fermented Rice). It is either the rice cake is taste like that or me just unlucky bought something that has expired. Well, if I buy a different rice cake, I’ll try to review it again. Because the rice cake that I ate before is really delicious!

So, That’s all from me. Check my other videos too to find out more what snacks that you can buy and eat here in Malaysia!!

Until then, See you next time!! Wink Wink~!! ;D ;D

Please forgive me for my English. I am on my way to improve it! 😀


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