They Talked.

It is really hard to find a person or even your family to support you when you trying to eat healthy.

I always got into these situations:

1. When I don’t eat rice – and the whole family is gonna say that I am not eating healthy because I don’t get enough carbs.

It is really irratating me when it’s happpened. Unfortunately, my family and most people around me thinking that carbs are just coming from RICE and it is essential to eat rice on meal everyday. It is true rice is very essential for Asian people because it is our staple food. But they did not get it the point that it is not that I’m avoiding rice. Instead, I am avoiding WHITE RICE. I have no problem to eat rice but please, I am refusing refined food at this moment.

2. When I bought fruits and veggies that they said it is annoying seeing me eating all those WEIRD STRANGE FOOD – and they said I’m hurting myself by eating those.Duh!

“Don’t come to me when gastric is going to attack you”. A straight face from me. Gosh!! I bought lemon and mint leaves last night to make a detox drink. While I was cutting lemon, they kept saying that lemon will make my stomach hurt by lemon’s acid. I don’t know what sense that they saying that when I poured a 1.5 liter of water with just HALF of lemon juice that I squeezed. It is not that I’m gonna drink it all in one go with empty stomach.But that what they all think about.

And when I bought a pineapple, they think the same thing again. It will hurts me. Yes, it will hurt my stomach if I choose to eat it on empty stomach with unlimited supply of pineapple. -_-
It really can bring a stress to handle this situation. and sometimes I hate to explain to other people when they asking me either I am on DIET because I’m not eating. Do I have to eat infront of them and telling them “Hi, I’m eating a grilled chicken with 2 slices of toast instead of rice.I’m going to enjoy my meal,wanna join,friends??”

3. The word of DIET – It is killing me,man! I don’t know but everytime they asked me either I am on diet because not eating rice and fried dishes, it really makes me want to erupt. Trying to make them to understand ‘Eat Clean and Eat Healthy’ is just as difficult to teach a 3 year old kid about math.

All they understand, all food is the same. I wish they can understand and support me on my journey. But they didn’t understand that my body ain’t like them. Some can eat happily even without to worry that they gonna gain weight. Unfortunately, I have a body that I need to do a hard work and eating smart to lose those extra baggies.

For once, I really want to achieve this. It is not all about beauty, it is all about how to be a better me. Food is determining me.

“Don’t mess with my food or else you’ll mess with my mood” – Fieza,2014.


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