Stevia and Sugar


My brother bought this yogurt drink. I’ve been stopped drinking all packed drinks because it contains lots of sugar. I bet you concerned about this too,right?
I totally won’t believe even if it labeled it as no sugar added.

But what I found it interesting was it’s ingredients. I guess they have change it a little or I just realized it.

“Stevia extract”, and I was like “wow,seriously?? So,is it a new guilt-free drink?? ”
Hahahaha!! Dream in it, Fieza! It still has sugar in it. Too bad.. 😦
Because Stevia as I know is very sweet..1drop of it equals to 1-2 teaspoon of sugar. By the way, Stevia is very good sugar replacement. It is because it made from 100% plant liquid extract and 0 calories.  Yeayyy!! But if I’m not mistaken, not many country are allowed to sell this because it has been banned before for some reason. You may try google on it.
But here in Malaysia, it quite expensive and I haven’t try it yet or I still couldn’t afford to buy it yet.  😛

Anyway, that yogurt drink still not in my free to drink list..hahahaha! Choose your drink smartly! Whatever it is, water is still the best for our body!  😀


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