Adapting New Environment

It is tough. Totally tough and difficult for me.

Adapting new environment in my home. Adapting how to eat healthy and clean is totally a big challenge for me.

I thought coming back home would be something I can handle because I can cook by myself. But then, it not the same at all. I was totally stressful and blank for this 4 -5 days since I came home. With family problems that I wish I can handle and settle it as fast as I could and make this stressful situation gone.

I hardly to smile, to enjoy, to bubbly and to feel bliss. It is all fake that I had to pretend that I had it all so at least I can forget what is going on.

I’m sorry. But no matter what, I try no to give up – in life, for my dreams and family that I always wanted. Insyaallah.


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