Well, I’ve started making some short videos like promoting my Malaysian snacks and ‘how to eat apple’..
I’m having fun recording those videos because for me it is like  me talking to those who watch mine…indirect conversation.

But,as I’ve guessed, there’s some maybe don’t like how I present it..  it is a normal video,for me ..I try to not make it so awkward and weird..it is just like me talking with others.

Basically, that’s a criticism. Yeah,I realized that and I have to take it and handle it smartly. I have my own vision and mission I want to achieve.. they might be laughing and mocking me for this moment,but it’s okay.. It is a way for me to improve it better and better in the future.
I’m gonna use my Samsung S2 phone camera as starting and who knows, maybe in the future I can have my more advanced handycam and do it more properly,right??  😉

I’ve uploaded it in my instagram and later I’ll upload it on my YouTube channel..it would be an honor if you could give me a motivation words and motivated comment there.. 😉

Stay strong, Fieza and wink wink~!! 😉 😉


Instagram & Youtube Channel : Fieza1225


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