My Food Rack Looks Like

Have you ever wondered how my food rack looks like? What do I stored there? Hahaha.. It is a messy rack but I just gonna confidently post it to show the reality of me. Okay, come on. I want to share it with you and I want you to share it with me also..  🙂

Food Storage 2

tada~ Nothing much but just a basic food to keep me alive. Hahaha! As you can see there fruits, eggs, oats, peanut butter and some other stuff that you think why is it there?  I’m  NOT eating healthy?

Woow,okay. Before you made a conclusion, let me explain some of it. 🙂

1. Those Maggie have been leave there untouched for almost 3 months. Which right after I started to eat clean.

2. Munchy’s container? What is it doing there? Hoho.. I put my brown rice inside there. It is a container for brown rice. 😛 No more junk food! Hahaha..

Basically, I love Peanut Butter. It is really a savior for me. I just love it so much. See there? 2 bottles of peanut butter. But the other one in red color, I put my green tea leaves inside there. I bought Essential Waitrose Peanut Butter where I bought it at Cold Storage. It is really difficult to find it anywhere else. Why I bought this PB instead of any other brand? Because what is contained in there. That is the most closes to natural peanut butter (which I never yet found natural PB in any mall yet.) It still contain cane sugar and palm oil but with almost 93-95% which  is totally Peanut Butter. As I keep on reminding, avoid buying PB which using :

  • hydrogenated oil,
  • No added Trans- Fat
  • Low Fat
  • contain sugar and any other ingredients.

A good PB should just contain ONLY peanut butter in the ingredient, but honestly I can’t even find it yet and I’m gonna blend my own peanut butter right after I going back my home soon!

Something is missing right? How I want to spread my PB without wholegrain bread? Hahaha! I tried to stop from eating bread for 1 week and to see either I can handle or not my addiction to bread. And the result? I can bear myself without it but I think I will live better with it. Hahaha! I will continue buy it after this. It is my biggest carbs source for my nutrition.

Eggs, seriously you need to have that if you are a student and need a great source of protein for your daily consume. Did you know that researches have shown that eggs  are helping to increase our metabolism, contains vitamins and mineral which are good to prevent cancers and good for eyes,skin and bone? All of that in just 1 egg? Try to eat 1 hard boiled egg  a day- A very simple snack for your hectic and busy lifestyle but still you get what you needed for your body and keep you full for your next meal. Never afraid by those cholesterol and fats because it is good for you unless you are diabetic.

Buy fruits which you can keep longer outside if you are a student like me. No fridge to store it. Best option such as apples, oranges, and never let BANANA out from your list. It is a very good natural sugar, carbs, high in potassium which is really good to keep you calm and energetic whole day! But I’ve run out my banana stock!! 😦 It is really good to cook your oatmeal with banana or you can even make your ice cream by just using banana alone! Check my previous post!

Other stuff that I keep there are cocoa powder, vanilla essence, kernel corn, chickpeas, Japanese sweet potatoes and mix dried fruits. I even have made my air-popped popcorn by using kernel corn. Hahhaa! hey, try to explore how to eat healthy by cooking your own meal!! It is so much fun and you can learn to cook and be creative too!

And I just can’t wait to go back home and try everything!!! Until then, choose your food stock wisely for your new semester, Stay Wow and Wink Wink~!! ;D



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