How To Stay Motivated?

How To Say Motivated


It has been almost 2 months  or to be exact , 59 days that I keeping myself on this track. Eating clean and healthy and changing my lifestyle slowly for a better life. It is a long day and still keep counting and moving on. I am not gonna lie, it is difficult. Maintaining your diet of ‘eating clean and healthy’ and to discipline in exercising.

As a student, I was so busy during this 3 weeks. Concentrating on study for exams and to avoid myself from getting stress. Stress, why? because it will lead me to find food, to eat more, to think that all those junk food that available at the store is calling me, “eat me,me delicious,me nyummy,buy me” and eventually causing a weight gain – If I did not control it properly. But thank god, I managed not to it eat all those junk food. Phewww!!

How about exercising? Well honestly, I skipped my jog (or should I say ‘walk’??) haha! because of the weather. But I tried to do workout in my room. Downloaded some Cassey’s video from Blogilates and Joanna Soh (both in Youtube) and make sure I’m sweating. I totally feel guilty when I do not doing any exercise. I do skipped 2 days. 😦 But again, at least I make sure that I must walk and do something, not just sitting infront of my study table 24/7.

By the way, as I posted this picture, that is how I keep myself to stay motivated. I do have the ups and downs feeling, but somehow I need to get up and wake up to make sure that I never lost it forever.

I decided to write all my journey in my blog, Facebook and Instagram. I do it because I think by share my progress I will become more responsible. People will know what I am trying to do and this will keep me reminded that everyone is watching me and it would be bad if I don’t have any changes,right? I made my decision to show my recent pic even though I know that I still have lots to keep up to achieve my goal. This decision is to make sure that I never give up and never give a change for haters to talk bad on me. It does make me thinking, is it a right decision before I uploaded it. Well, the answer is always on me. If I don’t do it, I never gonna be happened.

And I also share and helping my friends to achieve their target to lose weight. We are gonna do this together!! It is an honor for me because I was given a trust by them. Hopefully I can do this better and make sure our goal is achieve!! Let’s fight it together, friends!!

Lastly, I am recommend to you to do all those things above to stay motivated. Keep in mind, you can Do It!! Never Give Up!

And If you want a website to help you more on your goal, here I am happy to share with you : –

1. My Biggest Inspiration ever –

2. My Most Favorite Adviser on workout and nutrition also lifestyle changes &

Until then, stay motivated, stay wow and wink wink~!! 😉 😉


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