What is Body Fat Percentage?

What is Body Fat Percentage?

Have you ever wondered how your body percentage are? Well, I do. It is very important knowing your body percentage as to observe your body weight for weight loss and health and also to those gentlemen out there that trying to getting a 6 pack abs.

Body fat percentage is different from BMI.
BMI doesn’t take into consideration how much of your weight is muscle and bone and how much of it is fat.
Body fat percentage is a much more accurate measurement in determining if you are healthy.
So that for example, I am having a healthy BMI, but still carry weight in my belly, which can increase risk for heart disease.
You may calculate your body fat manually or just google some fitness website, they may calculate it for you. But make sure you have your measuring tape with you!

Here I shared a picture of body fat percentage which can be compared. A healthy and ideal body fat percentage for women is 21%-24% while for men is 14-17%. But guys, read this carefully. If you want to build you ‘super crunchy chocolate’ 6 pack abs, you need to loose your body percentage until 10% and abs will be developed below that percentage. So, start losing that belly fat! Work on it!!

So, start calculate your body fat percentage and Stay Wow!! Wink wink~ ;D

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