Is Eating Subway Healthy??


Subway is much better than McDonald and any other fast food. I’m eating healthy when I eat Subway Sandwich.

Is that what you think when you are eating outside and choosing Subway as your meal? Think Again.

It is true that eating salad is good when you have your green vegetables as your main meal. But did you know that you are almost like eating a burger when you eat Subway? Wanna know why?

I am also a fan of Subway. Which before this I eat Subway almost everyday, because I thought that eating it is a healthy choice. Nothing can cause harm on me eating vegetables and healthy bread. Well, I gained my weight because of this. I made a lots of mistake when I’m ordering it.

1st of all, the best diet killer is Salad Dressing. So, what is your favorite salad dressing? Look at my picture and choose. Did you know that  all of those dressing are bad? which contain high calories, high fat and less nutrition. Those mayonnaise, BBQ, Thousand Island, Ranch is mostly people’s favorite and obviously, it is a bad choice. But what kills me more is when I read some articles that most of the dressing is contain preservative and fat that hidden under a name of health such as olive oil and honey mustard. 😦  But, it is better than choosing Ranch or Thousand Island as your dressing. So it is important for you and me to choose wisely for the dressing. As recommended, choose olive oil OR Honey Mustard OR Sweet Onion.

And another big mistake that I usually done is by making it into a SET. Which you can choose either potato chips or cookies with soft drink. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it was a bad move. NEVER EVER order it as a SET!!! It will kill you deep down there. Soft drink is high in sugar including ice lemon tea if you think it is not a soda type that you want to avoid. While cookies and potato chips, Na ah.. Never think about it as your side dish.  High in sugar and refined flour. Nope.. It is a temptation to eat those cookies.. I know.. I’ve been there and I am so in love eating those cookies but..Bad combination. And I know that some will curse me because to drink WATER as the only choice? But sorry fellas, that is the best choice you can have there. Except if you bring your own freshly blended juice from your home.

So, what about breads? It is gonna be a journal if I discuss more on it. But enough here for me to remind you that most of the breads are made from refined flour, high in sodium bla bla bla, even the bread that you think healthy is healthy, but na ah nope again . My Favorite is honey oat bread,which also not recommended by some article. What did they recommend for us : Wheat and Italian healthy and lastly honey and oat. Choose 6″ sandwich rather than 1 foot long. And don’t forget that you can change it into a salad bowl. Just request for it. 🙂

And choose main meal : Meat or Seafood Or Bacon or Chicken?  Well, Try to avoid ham, pepperoni, Italian B.M.T, Subway Club,seafood, tuna, meatball,Chicken Teriyaki. Go for Veggie, Turkey breast, oven roasted chicken or Roasted Beef. Okay, just stop cursing me. 😦  I know it is almost all your favorite is banned here.

Finally, The choice is in your hand. Either you want to eat healthy or just be it. It is okay to eat it once a week with your preferred choice as a YOLO meal. But I hope all the  information helps us in choosing a better way of eating and choosing healthy especially when we are eating outside.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend and Stay Wow! Wink wink~ ;D

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