Recipe – Banana Ice Cream

Banana ice Cream


I want to eat something cold and sweet..and I want some ice cream!! Well, how to make your own simple ice cream? Let me share it with you.. All you need is:

1.2 Bananas (Which I recommend you to use Dole Banana,because of it’s texture and sweetness )
2. Peanut Butter /Nuttella (Optional)

That’s all..

All you need to do are:
▣Slice your bananas like coins. Put into a container.
freeze your banana in fridge at least for 2-4 hours or overnight.
▣blend your freeze banana. After that,you may put a spoon of peanut butter or nuttella.
If you find it hard to blend because of freeze banana,you may put some water to make it easier to blend.

And there you go..You just need to serve it and enjoy it!
To be honest, my blender is not working and I need to mash the banana manually by my hand and a spoon.

It is for 1-2 serving. Again,it is all natural. No fat milk,no preservatives,no processed sugar are needed in here. 😀

This recipe is inspired by @blogilates . Thank You!

Stay Wow!! Wink wink~ ;D

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P/s: sorry for my bad presentation again.


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