Recipe – Banana Oat

banana oat




Tada~ Banana Oat..wanna try this out? It really simple and give you a aromatic smell when you cooking it! Here,I wanna share it with you. What ALL you need is 3 simple thing that you can get:
1. 1 or 2 Bananas (depend on it’s size and sweetness) and mashed it.
2. Oat
3. Milk powder or Skimmed milk.

1st,boil your milk with banana. It is because I want to blend the taste of banana into milk and get the sweetness natural sugar from banana.
After boiling,put your oat. Let it boil again. You may smell ‘heaven’ during me. ;D
And you’re done cooking it.
But,if you wanna add vanilla essence,or honey you may add it.
Why I didn’t add sugar? Because I’m trying to avoid refined sugar as much as I can. Go for Natural!! 😀

And you may eat it.
Sorry for the presentation because I don’t have anything to put on top instead just almond.
And enjoy your meal,Folks!

Stay Wow! Wink wink~~! ;D

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