What Is Your Portion?

Do you usually eat in a big portion? Even when you eat cereal, you will eat 2 bowls of it instead of recommended weight of cereal because you think it’s healthy and you can eat more cereal without guilty?

Oh well.. I also done it before. 😛 Because I thought eating cereal without hesitation is okay. Unfortunately it is NOT. Back then, I was wondered why my weight did not decrease when I think I eat right. I would like to stress here, I THINK I EAT RIGHT.. Hahahaha.. When actually I did not.

Even though that food you are eating or holding right know is now for it’s healthy and full with  nutrition, it doesn’t mean that you can eat it in BIG PORTION. Naa, you are wrong. Don’t even dream that you can lose that fat if you cannot apply ‘MODERATION’ in your daily life. Trust me, I make the same mistake and now I am still learning to moderate in everything what I eat.

I know it is hard to cut all those favorite foods that always come on your mind especially during ‘eating healthy’ transition time. But good news for you, it is okay to eat it. As long  as you MODERATE for your food intake.

Let’s say you like to eat fried chicken. Instead of taking 2 pieces, try to eat 1 piece of it. and avoid eating skin which I believe everybody is aware the fat content in it. If you able to control it, try to change your fried chicken into roasted chicken which is better – Less fat, less oil, and of course less calories. And you will able to eat you favorite protein everyday and at the same time lose that weight,right? 😉

It is important to understand what food do you eat and you put in your stomach. Read some articles, research paper (if you think you can handle those wordy papers and information). Which food is not good to eat during diet? Why it did not good to eat during diet? How to eat it? – Why? because later you will know what is it better for you or not even by looking at.

It will always a time where you can get confuse what food that we can/should eat when you need to eat outside.It causing us tend to order food that delicious for our stomach but contain lots of salt and bad fat. Later on, I’m sure you will feel regret ordering/buying it, right? Hahaha! Trust me. I am having a same problem. and I am happy to share this information to you as one of your solution. I have read a lot of article and also watching video regarding this. What is good? I am able to learn a new thing and take it as a knowledge. 😉

What have I understood with my new knowledge? First of all, avoid eating refined food. What is refine food?

“Refined foods are either man-made/processed or convert easily into sugar in the body.”

Refined foods are typically high in fat and calories, and eating them as the bulk of the diet causes the overall calorie count to rise.

It is important to know what constitutes refined foods in order to avoid them.

  • Refined Sugar – When refined sugars are eaten, the sugars are able to quickly enter the blood stream. This can spike the blood sugar, causing the body to feel instantly energized. Unfortunately, the energy received from refined sugars is short-lived, and will cause a sudden energy drop shortly afterward. When the energy level drops so suddenly, it causes the body to crave more sugars in order to compensate for the energy loss. Example : white sugar, corn syrup, refined honey and refined maple syrup. Instead of using refined sugars, chose whole-food sweeteners, such as raw honey or black strap molasses.
  • Refined Flour – very fine in texture, and enter the blood stream as quickly as refined sugars, causing the same spike and drop in energy levels. Example: white flour and products created with white flour, such as pastries, cookies, cakes and crackers. Choose whole-grain flours and baked goods that are minimally refined, instead of refined white flour products.

I am a big fan of pastry,cookies, cracker, white bread and CAKE! of course, it is something that I really need to cut on my diet. But still, I can consume it. Again, MODERATION is the keyword. But in the mean time, I still cannot live without bread. How I overcome it? I change my white bread with whole grain bread. But but but but.. reading this,fellas. I used to eat wholegrain bread happily like 6-7 slices per day because I think it is better than white bread and I am allowed to eat it more than usually. I was ended wrong. It still contain carbs and if body consume more than recommended carbs per day, still no use right? Have you bored with MODERATION,yet? Hahahaha..

No matter what you are eating, it is important to teach our body to eat in moderate. So, in a future for a forever healthy body, we are able to control what we consume. Remember ‘MODERATION’ , in every time you pouring your cereal into bowl, you spooning in yogurt into your mouth, slices of bread you eat, spreading your peanut butter, eating almonds, and so on.

So, I leave you guys with some good information,

21 Foods That Sound Healthy, But Are Not!

Have a nice abs day, folks! Stay Wow! wink wink~! ;D


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