Work It Out!

Phheeww! I almost get fainted by doing nonstop fat burning cardio workout! it just took for 37 minutes but I’m telling you the truth that I skipped 2-3 exercises here.. 😛 But not skip actually I took a rest 1-3 minutes from doing it.. Hahahhaa! Seriously oxygen just not in my lungs..

But I’m trying to push myself. “You can do it, Fieza! You wanna see the result,right? You don’t want to regret later, right?”  So, from resting 3 min, I try to less it.. 2 min.. 3 min.. than 30 sec and keep on until the end.. Phewww!! My face had turned red! XO

I followed this workout video and I found it is interesting because the show you how much calories you will burned during the workout at the left side of the video. check this out! And I am fully recommended to you to try it!  By the way, lately the weather is always raining. So, I cannot walking/jogging like usual. Instead I’m taking initiative by downloading workout videos and do it in my own room.. and my I would like to apologize to my roommates if my workout making a loud noise by jumping. 😦 I need to workout by hook or by crook.

and here is my pic after workout! Wooooh.. because I’m doing it almost felt different when runninh/jogging when you can take a rest while walking. right?? hehhee!

[Dec 10,2013] Workout

Seems that I was able to do this 1 workout only today.. 😦

need to push myself more. Challenge yourself,Fieza! come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about you? mind to share?? 🙂

Until then, see you soon, folks! and oh yeah, Stay WOwW!! 😀


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