Oh My God! Is It True?

Unofficially, today is day 17 of dieting and exercising! and I am so happy that I was able to see some changes at my body and I am so HAPPY! (jump!!)

Oh well, it is just me at the moment who can see the changes. Not yet by the other person. I took like almost 8 weeks for people to see the changes, right? So be patient, said be to myself. At least I saw that my stomach has been reduced a bit and I can see waist curve there,baby! Woohooooooo! Who can be more happy than myself?? Hey hey~

Well, I need to keep up the work! Work on it more and push it harder (but never over the limit or bad thing might be happened 😦  )

All I need to maintain is healthy diet. Of course 2nd or 3rd week is always the hardest week when you need to control your food intake. During these moments, I tend to get tempted by lots of food and drooling and craving for lots of delicious food. I want this, I want that. But yesterday I ate 20 of love letter cookies 😥  as lunch. I was so hungry and I don’t know what to eat and food stall does not sell anything good. Feeling Guilty? of course. But I need to eat and that is bad decision, I guess.

So, I am looking forward for another 4 weeks ahead! Hopefully I did not yet hit plateau phase yet.

By the way, December 14 is gonna be my cheat day. 😛 It is a wedding day event and I’m looking forward for the food! Yes, I need to take it  moderate/ small portion or all my hard work is just worthless.

Okay,fellas! Eat right and Keep Going! Remember this, Stay Wow! Wink wink~~ ;D

Oh,Oh!Wait.. Forgot to tell how many kilos did  I lost in this 17 days. I stepped on the scale and Danggg~ I do it in a right way! I managed to lose around 2 kg in almost 3 week~ BIG SMILE 😀

The Rules



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