Me and My Story

Here I would like to share my pictures. Journey of my life and also a few video that I recorded as  a diary for my weight loss journey. 🙂


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When I was 19 Years Old

And this is the time where I start my crash diet and with some exercise (Playing Badminton) – 20 years until now 24 😛

As you can see, there were lot of pics that me gained weight and lose some weight and then gain again.. Hahahaha! My crash diet results and lack (or NEVER exercise??) That last picture is my past 1 month ago pic. Pheewww~

What Do You Think?

I haven’t take any of my current pic but here is my video diary at the moment. 🙂








I know that I still did not achieve the goal yet. It is still far away, where my determination and motivation will keep me on track. I do afraid on losing it half way. I cannot deny because I always feel the same when I was on crash diet. What I am trying doing right now by keeping update and write a diary so hopefully at least I get my strength from here and remember what is my determination is.

I know that lots of people will said that this is just gonna be a moment, she will be stop half way, she will never lose weight, she is doing it so-so BUT I don’t mind. As long as I know what I want and I know what I’m trying to do to keep this on track.

And I am looking forward for the better result! Keep It Up, Fieza!!!! No More Crash Diet, please!!

Motivation 6 Move Your Ass!


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