The Challenge – Finding The Right Food

It always happened to me. When you are on diet, all you need is finding the right food, am I right? All the diet plans show that you need to find food with rich in nutrition. BUT my biggest challenge is that. FINDING THE RIGHT FOOD. 

I am a student that living in a hostel, which I do not have kitchen to cook my own meal and I do not have fridge to store foods. When I’m buying fruits, I have to make sure that I eat in short time, which I can store fruits at least 3-4 days. I usually go to the market every week. rest of the week? I need to survive with all foods that available out there in stall or food court. Unfortunately, all the items or foods available contain lots of oil and fats. no kidding. I tried myself to order what does not contain those, eventually, I end up starving.

Vegetable? they cooked it with oil and contain lots of salt. Naa.. Totally not. Even Tofu (curd soybeans) cook with sweet soy sauce and oily soup. As a Malaysian and Asian, steam white rice is our staple food. It is like life is never complete without it. Yet, it is a almost forbidden food for dieting, which nutritionist will encourage you to eat brown rice instead of white rice. It is because white rice contains lots of carbs that can cause your glucose rise fast and leading to excess sugar and causing it stores as a fat. While Brown rice is less in Glycemic Index (GI) and a whole grain rice compared to white rice. I always get tempted to eat white rice. Do you know it is heaven to eat rice with local dishes?? Hey, I am a food lover, okay?? That is why I always in this kind of body shape. Hahaha!

So, the only thing that I can and available is fiber. What fibers do I consume. Well, it is always a repetitious meal. It can be my breakfast, my lunch, my snacks and my dinner. What is that?? Oat, oat, oat, and wholegrain bread. The only dry food that I can store and cook easily. But who can eat oat everyday 5 times a day?? Seriously? Hahaha. But I can eat wholegrain bread 5 times a day. Unfortunately, it is also not good for health.

Using a rice cooker as a rescuer, I have tried cooked porridge (instant,of course. Yeah I know.. It is bad..contains lot of MSG,salts,sugar,additive), pasta (bad carbs?), instant noodle( yeah,yeah..MSG), and can foods. But once I starting my diet, I need to stop cook all of these foods (even sometimes I cannot stand the temptation of eating instant noodle).

And not to be forgotten, when your friends offering you food. It is important on how to reject the offer politely. Of course you do not want them to be sad by rejecting their offer, and sometimes you need to eat those foods. They will try to persuade you to eat it, BUT remember this. It is okay to eat but in moderate/small portion. Remember your mission. Do not let it die just in 1 min. I am not gonna lie. I was just finish eating oily and fried food just now, right after I done my exercise. Hahaha! I can finish all of the food but instead, I took it in 1-2 pieces. I am afraid that I am gonna lose my control on it. It is delicious, though! Because there is a donuts. lots of donuts. Malaysian donut. Not Big Apple or Krispy Kreme. 😛

Well, I need to plan ahead for my diet meal menu. Need to arrange it right. Where can I find it? What food can I eat? When is proper for me to eat?

Done till now,ladies and gentlemen. I need to wrap up my writing here. Until now, see you later! 😀


P/S : Here something good to share. Have a good knowledge watching, folks!



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