What Is Sexism?

Sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on sex; behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex.It may include the belief that a human of one sex is intrinsically superior to the other.

 Sexist claims are based on both real and alleged differences between men and women. More specifically, common sexist claims stem from traditional stereotypes of patriarchal gender roles. According to dictionaries, the term sexism commonly refers to discrimination against women; however, sexism can also apply to men.

A job applicant may face discriminatory hiring practices or, if hired, receive unequal compensation or treatment compared to that of his or her opposite-sex peers. Sexual harassmentrape and other forms of sexual violence can be a part of more extreme, expressive, and emotionally impactive forms of sexism.

Source : Wikipedia 

Well, kalau nak ikutkan Sexism ni masih lagi berlaku kat setiap org,kan? even different culture or country pun still ada sexism ni lagi.. It is never ending discrimination.. xdinafikan sexism pun applied kat lelaki.. tapi perempuan lebih banyak terdedah dgn sexism ni.. betulkan? Stereotype about women is everywhere..

Cakap je la.. bila bawa kereta xbetul,mesti cakap.. ‘Haaa.. yg bawak ni mesti perempuan..tu yg teruk cara bawa,cara parking, bla bla bla..” ..

Bila kalah game, “standard la budak perempuan..reti apanya main game..main anak patung je reti..” 

Bila tengok bola, “Ala..perempuan reti ke tengok bola? apa je yg diorg tau? diorg nak tgk player handsome je tu..gedik je..”

Banyak lagi streotype ttg perempuan.. 

Inilah dunia..


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