Okay, This Is It.

Okay, I have made my decision that I knew it brings a lots of conclusion. Even though I said I have made my decision, I am still not sure about it, though. Am I able to do it ? Am I strong enough to fight it & Fit it? I am willing to do that? It’s really made my brain think harder and yeah producing lot of questions. I am still praying to Allah to show me the way, the path that I should take to make this journey possible. Sacrifice is the biggest thing to do in life (If you know what I meant).

Well, just keep thinking would not make these matters go away, right? So, I am trying hard (really hard) to understand this situation (by sleeping almost 18hours/day?) . I have to make myself stronger so I won’t die in hunger. (good quote,though!)

How I wish I am an easy person  to get a support from family, friends and my environment~ I have to be tougher . Have to! Let me get through those things first and then I may tell you what exactly it is..

“O Allah, I’m begging for you to show us, we and them a right path to success in our life and akhirat. Let we easy to get through your challenges and make us a better and obey Muslim and Muslimah. Amin. “


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