The Avengers Review

Have you watch The Avengers??  If not,u better watch now!! go go!!
Hhahahaa!! OK,seriously I’m so excited to watch The Avengers until some incident happened.. hahaha!! I was went to cinema on 26 April where the premier is on 27  April!  I thought It was 27 April that day!!
Anyway, I’ve watched it!!! what a relieved!!  10Stars!!a very big tribute salute to Tony Stark Iron Man,My honey Robert Downey Jr.  He never disappointed me !! Every characters in Avengers, Hulk,Thor, Black Widow, 1st avenger Captain America have their own catch line that won’t make u stop from laughing.. They are the best! believe me.. maybe the first 10 mins quite boring but it was really blast 2hour 10mins movie to enjoy! I’m not going to say more! u really need to watch it with ur own eyes!

btw, a tips for you,stay til the end of the credits. Lots of audience left the cinema after the credit..u just wait, OK??

I will watch The Avengers for 2nd time.. this time in 3D!!woohoo!! at TGV TEBRAU City.. since I’m not really satisfied with MBO Cinema Skudai.. lack with audio system and their seats.. I can see the light..  :((





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