Etude House Product Review : Facial Care

Hello! This is my 1st time post for entry about facial care! Hahaha~ Ok, let’s waste no time. I bought these product at Etude House @ Jusco Taman Universiti, Skudai. I’ve been used this product just for 2 days. Actually, during my ‘visit’ Etude House, I just want to window shopping , just want to take a glance what’s new or promotion there. I am telling myself I ain’t buy any expensive product since I just have RM 20++ in my wallet. I found this facial wash is really attracting me.

”]Vita Foam Mini  [RM 8]This is promotion price. It has a blueberry scent and Vitamin B5. I really like the scent. It guess the picture has told you that it is for ‘Good Night’ but I also used it for morning. Who cares? hahhaa~ Then, When I was going to proceed for paying, I was thinking about whitening cream. But you now, temptation is something hard for me to handle lately.. I don’t know why either. Then, I bought these 2 items. AC Clinic Toner and O2 Vitamin C Tone-up Emulsion.

AC Clinic Toner

AC Clinic Toner

My face can be oily and sometimes it can be dry. I guess, why not I give it a try to this toner , aite? to tighten my pores. Moreover, it is in Promotion price.. RM20! Hahaha~ I’m not wasting my chance hereeeeeeeeeeee~

O2 Vitamin C Tone-up Emulsion

O2 Vitamin C Tone-up Emulsion

I decided to buy this is because I want to recover my face from sun burn I had after playing hockey for college. A totally sunburn! Hahaa~ This one a bit expensive (for me) , It cost me RM49.90. I hope it can show a good result. I’m gonna update it sooner! hahahaha~ still early,though.. I just used it for 2 days. wait until 2 weeks or a month for a total result!

p/s : I’ve told you before that I just have RM20++ in my wallet,right? How did I pay it with that such amount I had bought? Hahaha~ Thank God I have debit card. No need to run to ATM.. hahaha~ 😛


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