Latest Cover by Me

Assalamualaikum , hello dan Hola! Hey Hey Hey, I’m back for more babehh~

Yesssss.. Recently , ada la buat remake dan cover (cakap macam ko tu artis , blahh! hahaha!) buat balik lagu ‘Oh Kawanku’ dan yang terbaru nihhh, ‘Ombak Rindu’.. Weeeee~ hahaha… Ok, even I realized that my voice is just S0 – So punya tahap.. but It’s my passion, minat dan suka… So, I made it for my own satisfaction.. 😉

If U found it makes u enjoy, Alhamdulillah… If not, sorry la.. but thank you anyway because you click juga that link sebab nak dgr.. hahaha! 😉 here’s the link yahhh~



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