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Eggs Are Good For Diet

Who said eggs are bad and high in cholesterol? That was a misunderstood  info almost 20 years ago. Now, eggs have been known for it’s good nutrient that help reduce cholesterol and for those who is on diet, it may help you to get a slender waist!

Oh yeah! That is a good news for me! Hahaha! Actually, I’ve tried this diet method before. Yes, It does helping you to shape ur slender waist. But, I stopped after a few weeks.  Hahahaa~ Temptation of food~ Just can’t rid it.. Hahaha!

Hence, starting yesterday I tried to eat eggs for my Sahur. I am trying to reduce myself from eating white rice and at the same time try to control my gluttony when I eat. It has became too serious for me. Need to control it.

Bear in mind, I’m not just trying to get slender waist but I also want to low my LDL- cholesterol level since my medical check up shows that it is higher than my HDL. Hehee~

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