Types of ‘Sambal Belacan’

For most Malaysian especially Malay, sambal belacan is a MUST on their table when they are having a dinner or lunch. It is somehow like an appetizer or it just not complete without it on the table among others dishes. It contains a belacan – shrimp paste and chilies blend together. Walaah~ you will get a sambal belacan that looks almost like pasta sauce. Hahaha! The different is this one taste HOT & SPICY!

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Well, what I want to highlight here is about types of sambal belacan or in to be more precise, how did some people cook it? For me,there are 2 types. Why did I said it so? Because my mother came from north – Perak , While my father is from South – Johor. For me, I was familiar with my mom sambal belacan. How did she cook it? I’m just gonna say here that she cook the Northern way. I’ll explain it on the next paragraph~ 😛

I haven’t realize it until i’m having a conversation about sambal belacan with my ex-colleagues one time ago. Most of the Johorean, will fry the belacan and chilies and then blend/mashed them together with little sugar&salt added. WHILE, for Northern people, they will just blend it without cook the belacan and chilies. But, for Northern, they usually add something on sambal belacan to make it more appetizing to eat like Tempoyak (durian paste) or quinine. Tempoyak is originally came from Perak and I LOVE TEMPOYAK!!

So, here you are. 2 types of sambal belacan. Fried Sambal Belacan vs Raw Sambal Belacan or maybe South Sambal belacan vs North sambal belacan. hahahaha!

Which one is yours? 😉


**I prefer Sambal Belacan + Tempoyak & quinine! Nyum Nyummmm~ 😀


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