Dear Kak Hanim,

Yesterday, Friday, Aug 5,2011 .

I told Kak Hanim about my UPU result. It is a sad decision to make and emotional feeling surrounding us.

Thank You Kak Hanim for your support and most valuable advice that I will never forget. I almost cried because I’m so touched with what have you said.

May Allah shows us a good path and bond our heart in one tight knot that will never break.

I will never forget you. NEVER.

Kak Hanim, saya sayang kakak. šŸ˜‰Ā 

Sincerely yours,



**My last day with SC Johnson would be end of this August. I will do my best to fulfill my job until my last day. Oh Allah, please give meĀ strengthĀ to through all the challenges. **


2 thoughts on “Dear Kak Hanim,

  1. itu ker kak anim??manis org nye…
    he..t kim salam kt dia ya…
    be strong fieza!!!
    apa pon..ko kne teruskn jln hdup ko..
    jgn sedih2 na…

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