A Day Before Ramadhan, I Had Eaten …

Ok, Fellas! Before I started anything, I would like to wish all Muslim around the world, Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak! Thanks to Allah that giving us a chance to celebrate Ramadhan again this year! Alhamdulillah.

Btw, I just wanna share with y’all what I ate for my lunch yesterday. Hehehe.. Just want to satisfied myself after longing the McDonald’s burger for about almost 1year I had not eat 1 whole piece of burger. Since I always eat quarter or maybe half of it and share it with my brother. I just doesn’t have the guts to eat it 1 piece since I’m just scared with the words of , ‘Fast Food’, ‘Calories’, ‘Fat’, ‘Chubby’ and bla bla bla.. Hahhahaa!!  But yet, looks like I still not lose weight even I tried to get away from it.

Anyway, since I got my paycheck yesterday, It is time to PAAAaaaaaaRrrrrrrrrrrrrTtttYyy, Beloved Stomach Baby!!! Here are my Lunch meals yesterday :

p/s: please click on it for a better view. 😛

What did I feel? Satisfied, of course! After that, it is time to worry about calories! Hahaha! That’s all folks from me! Have a very calm and control your lust.gluttony.appetite for whole 1 month and if possible, for our whole life,Ok? Insyaallah, I’ll be here for more stories to be update! Bye from now!!! 😉


2 thoughts on “A Day Before Ramadhan, I Had Eaten …

  1. aik?xctr pon kamoo mkn ice cream..
    blik uma kira kalori…
    ko lg giler dari aku…
    desperate nk kurus…
    he..anyway..klu da ko..
    blh la aku kurus..sbb ko pembakar smgt..
    t aku follow jer ko nk mkn apa…

    • lupa la yg ice cream tu, aku tulis entry baru aku ingat aku makan apa.. hahaha! I dun know bout kurus2 ni.. tunggu masuk kolej je la.. tgk mcm mn.. hahaha~ terima kasih made me as ur role model.. jom gemok sama2! yeyay!! 😉

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