My Manager Said That I …

It is not a compliment or complain.

It happened last Thursday.. My Manager said to me that today she realize that my face looks chubby. I just laughing when I heard it.

Then, the next morning, I wore informal attire since it is Friday. A simple shirt with cream slack pants. I was filling those pantry item while she also there a few minute after I in the pantry. A moments after say good morning to each other, I also realize I have gained weight!! Arghhh! No way!! huhuhu.. I almost crush over there at that time..  Hahahaha!! She said, I am easy to gain weight. Maybe I was too happy and comfortable with my job nowadays and gained weight, she adds.

OMG, those pantry area is one of the ‘catalyst’ for my gain and also eat like there’s no tomorrow when I arrived home! No No No! This matter needs to stop! I can’t weight gain. I still need to lose weight. Hari Raya is coming in 1 month! I need to look healthy! I don’t want to look chubby!

Ok, I’m planning and working something on this. I’ll try to update what will happen to me with this plan after 2weeks ya?

Bye from now! 


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