After 1 Week …

Halooo, Hot Mama~! Hahaha!! Rasa macam dah lama xupdate post ye?? oh yeaahhh.. sebab tgh mengumpul data selama 1 minggu.. data apa?? data pengalaman kerja.. hehehee~ macam biasa la.. hohoho!

Ok, today I want to write about my over 1 week experience as a General Clerk cum Reception under SC Johnson Company, babeh!!! Fuhh~ First of all, this is my 1st experience ever working in office environment. It is totally different what I had before in Customer Service environment.(even though the skills were same just the environment was diff) .

You have your own computer, your own table, big pantry, you can read newspapers (during guest absence la,kawan!), drink at your own table, can listen to the music, playing, and and and and working on your own!! Hahahaha!! For me, it is Heaven (maybe just this week only??) I don’t mind because this is totally diff from what I went thru before! Why I didn’t get a chance like this 1 year ago? haiyarkkk…

Trust me, being a receptionist is a very fun job since you will able to meet and handle different guest. I’ve met my Big Boss, Fisk Johnson- CEO of SC Johnson company! Hey, I got a chance to shake his hands. A chance that not everybody can get it since he only shake a few people.. Lallalalaa~ Yeah, I’m the lucky one! Of course I’m happy! My Big Boss,ok?? BIG BOSS!! I don’t want to sound proud, I just want to show off! Hahaha! Just kidding. It just a rarely experience that I can get, since my Big Boss is from USA and I’m here at Malaysia. U get what I mean here??? 😉

I am under Human Resource Department, so obviously I will handle all those stationery stocks, pantry stocks, preparations and cleanliness, typing, filling, and all general clerk work. Furthermore, I’m the one that have to book and fulfill all executive needs. By the way, it is nice to know them since I need to ask and sometime having a chit chat during break time. Nice, huh? From executive to be a friend.. It does reminds me during my working time as receptionist at Le Grandeur. Meet and greet foreigners yet learning something new from them. I always repeat this all the time. When We meet new people especially foreigner, we can observe how well their manners are and how friendly they are while you can learn something new from them if they come from a ”very inspire you” background. They might be have something brilliant that can be share with you! It’s so true!

Finally, I’m still trying to adapt this office culture. I’m hoping for the best in my career even though I know I will just stay there for about 1month since I’ll continue my study this early September! I’m quite sad about that but moreover it is for my future! OK, Fellas~ gotta go now! It’s time to sleep! Bye Bye!!

P/s : What I love the most on this job is – 5 working days and 9am-5.30pm working hours! Finally, 2 off days! I’m really satisfied! :p


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