Dear Future Husband …

Dear Honey,

Yes, this post is for you. Special for my future husband. Don’t be surprise, honey. πŸ˜‰ I just want to tell you that

I want you to be like Rain Bi, Mokomichi and Dwayne Johnson!

Tall,- so I can where heels and lift my head when talking to you! Make sure you are 183 cm (6 feet) and above!!

Tough, Stronger – To protect me and so u can give me a piggy-ride when I need it since I’m quite chubby and lots of fat in my body.. Hahahaha!! πŸ˜›

and of course, MUSCLES! – Β I’m not hoping you have a muscles like Dwayne, it is enough if you have a good muscle like Rain.. Me love it!! WooHooo!!

I’m sure you must have a sweet smile and a trusted eyes. Actually, I don’t like bald man. I prefer man with hair style such as Rain and Moko-chan.. But recently, I found Dwayne Johnson looks more charming with bald hair.. But, we’ll see if it match with you. Hahahhaa!

I Love all of these men but of course I’ll love you more ( maybe I can’t give guarantee here..hurmm) Hahahaa! They are a good man to be an example for you and also me in term of their inspiration,motivation and their journey to become a success man in a world! They are totally inspired me and I respect them for that and I hope you will also do the same, honey~

OK, That’s all from me. Hope to see you soon! Love you, dear honey!


Your Future Wife!


4 thoughts on “Dear Future Husband …

  1. Me???as you fren..will pray for you…you’ll find your future husband!!!that higher probability to get!!aiggoooo…~
    mn nk cari nie fieza oit!per yg ko state nie..t aku khwin dlu dri ko nie..

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