Dilemma Between This And That Matter

Dude! This morning, I was receiving a phone call from Miss Hanim, The HR Manager at Kiwi Manufacturing – Sara Lee Group around 10.15 o’clock. (Oh yeah, I’m just getting started for a dream after 4hours of sleep) . She mentioned about the previous interview either I still remember or not (hell yeah I remember!) and am I got any job started or not. Well, she informed me that she is still ‘fighting’ with management for that position, General Clerk cum Receptionist for me. I was quite surprise heard about it because i thought that position has been  filled by someone else since it has been quite a time, almost 3 weeks. Actually, I had given up on this job and are planning some other job plans. In spite of that, It’s a pleasant and an honor  for me when Miss Hanim said, I’m in the highest ranking for this position. There are still no other candidates that yet suitable. Bear in mind that the final decision will be made either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, said Miss Hanim.

I was just so speechless and of course happy when someone said like that. But,later on after the end of call conversation, I continue my sleep. Thinking I have 1 day to think either I want to accept  or reject the job if she call back tomorrow. But then, Daaaaang! Another call from Miss at 12 noon ! She said I got the job!! Wohoooo~! Wait! that’s not my real time reaction!! I was thinking about, ‘what will happen to the MAS flight Attendant interview, waiting from Kak Shayna if there is any vacancy there, and bla bla bla bla! I almost cannot concentrate on the conversation that time.

Sure, it give me headache right now to think either to accept it or not! I’m really not ready physically and mentally after I’d give up with that company almost 3 weeks ago! I really love to work with them, honestly. The biggest problem is this is contract basic. I cannot ‘hit’ the contract in 3 months! What will happen if I got better job with a better salary in the meantime??

OK. OK! I think I need to think positive now. Fieza, just accept the offer and try to adapt to their culture of work since you have no experience in clerk yet. Take this as an opportunity to learn something new and of course a 5 days working and 9-5 office hour. You never had any experience in those I just mentioned above. OK. Take a deep breath, and exhale. Inhale and exhale again. Can I think straight right now? A little..Fuhh~  For those plans, we can handle it later. The most important thing is you got the job! Congratulations! You may start your work on this Wednesday, July 13. First, I need to go to the office this 4 O’clock in the evening  to take a letter for a medical check up. I need to fast from food. Only drinks are allowed until the next morning. Can You make it, Fieza???

Just Bring It!! I Bring It!


4 thoughts on “Dilemma Between This And That Matter

  1. Oo..ptut la..wa dpt msg SHIT!!
    how lucky you are…Miss Hanim fight utk dptkn ko keja..
    dia cye ngn kebolehan ko…ko kne g…jgn kcewakn dia…interview MAS??
    mmg dilemma..aku pon xtau nk kc pndpt mcm mn…cme bg aku..
    ko kne g keja kt KIWI tue!!!btapa semangat Miss Hanim nk kc ko ruang,pengalaman keja kt situ…Semangat fieza!!semua da hkmahnye…ada rezeki ko kt ne2..yg pnting sabar…=)
    Hati Kena Suci!!!

    • tu la.. aku pun rasa serba salah klu xbuat kerja betul2..haiyarkk.. pasal MAS, udah ada perancangan.. hehehe~ apa2 pun just go on.. lusa ni masuk kerja.. ngeh3~ ;D Thank u ,buddy~!

  2. Hai, Eira!!
    Thank you! susahkan kerja kat situ?? hehehee~ saya ‘memahami’ keadaan itu.. huhuhuhuuu~ saya dh pernah bg msg kat fb eira tapi mcm xde respond.. uhuhuhu.. saya dh sent request kat eira~ tinggal approve je.. 😉

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