I’m Talking About Dwayne Johnson, Fellas~

Ehei! What’s up,people? OK! This post I dedicated for myself because I’m gonna post about Dwayne Johnson. Who is he anyway?? For those who might be not recognize him (Oh,Come On! U really don’t know him??Man~) He is also known as ‘The Rock’ in wrestling world, or WWE(formerly known as WWF). So, U recognize him now?? Hahahahaa~ 😛

I’ve been watching World Wrestling Federation (WWF) since I was 9 years old back then in 1999. I’ve known many wrestlers there like Triple H, X-Pac, Rikishi, Kane, Man Kind and believe me,lots more.. But, hey hey hey.. I got 1 favorite man here.. Hahahaaa! The Rock!! Since he is really cool yet funny in the way he talks. You will never get bored watching and hearing his curses such as , ‘Candy asses, Who is this roody-poo? Who the blue hell are you‘ and lots more.. Hahahaha! But later on, after he left WWE, I left also .. from watching it.. hahaha!! No no no. It is because I found WWF wasn’t the same anymore without him and some other wrestlers. In easy word to understand, Bored..

But anyway, he left WWE to spread his wing of career to fulfill his childhood dream – Hollywood, to become an actor. He has been in lots of movie such as Scorpion King, Get Smart, Tooth Fairy, Fast Five and lots more and don’t forget coming soon movie, G.I Joe 2!! But seriously, as a fan of him, I am totally sad to say, I never watch his movie. NEVER AT ALL.. too bad huh??? I don’t know what is wrong with me but maybe because I wasn’t like to watch movie .. Hahahahaa!!! Liar! I love movies especially cartoon. Dude, I’m 22 years old now BUT I love watching cartoon!! I don’t know why.. Maybe because of less romance??? Hehhehee.. Again,seriously, I will close my eyes if there’s any romance scene.. I’m still a little kids.. Forbidden to watch any romance scene.. not good for child’s moral and manner.. Muahahahaaa~   But recently, I’m trying to watch his movie via Youtube/online.. Hehehee~ First,I’m gonna watch Tooth Fairy .. Hohohoo~ I wanna make a pledge here.. No worries ( for myself), I will watch .. No no no.. I MUST watch him in G.I Joe 2 once it is release in the cinema.. Won’t compromise this time.. Eheyyy~

Anyway, Dwayne for me (as far as I’ve seen in his personal videos), he is a really nice and most important,FUNNY man! I love when he do jokes! I just can’t stop laughing when he do jokes. Sometimes I can laughing without realize that actually I’m rolling on the floor while laughing! Hahahahaa! Seriously! I still remember his impromptu joke during his talk show in Ellen Degeneres Show, when there is a question that Ellen needs to answer either Yes or No ;

Dwayne : I am fluent in French and Hebrew.

Ellen : Err.. NO.

Dwayne: Yes, you are correct. I am not fluent in French and Hebrew.

Ellen + Audiences : (laughing)

Dwayne : But, I do kiss that way.

Hahahahaa!! My face turning red when I heard that.. Hahaa!! Even audience there felt HOT with his statement.. Hahahaha!! Also, on the same show, he shows that he can make his pecks dance.. Eheeiiii~ What can I say… U’ve made my heart melting.. Hahhaaa.. In the other hand, he is very talented man. He is also can sing and plays guitar very well.. He has a good voice. Enough to make a girl’s eyes sparkling watching him and melting (again and again) .. Hahahaa~! 😉

In spite of that, I love the ways he gave motivation and inspiration to other people out there including me. (Yeah, Go Team Bring It!) The way he stood up until now and  and make people can proud about him and honors. For me, he is a humble person who never get bored to motivate people with his attitude (and sweet smile..heheee), Love the way he treats his fans. Hope these attitudes won’t fade away from ur side, Dwayne.

That’s all I want to share with you about Dwayne Johnson. A little enough information about him, I think. Hahaha. Anyway, you may proceed to Wikipedia for more Dwayne Johnson’s information details. And also, here’s some of his words that always make me slap my forehead while read it.. Haha! Enjoy!!

..sounds like a perfect title for me to come back and SLAP THE LIPS OFF THOSE JABRONIS and LAYETH THE SMACKETH DOWN ON AAAAALLLLL THEIR CANDY ASSES!!!

sorry…got carried away..I’ll save that one of a kind electricity for Rock Raw.. (source : Dwayne Johnson’s Facebook)


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