How To Write an Objective for Resume

Pernah buat resume? Siapa yang biasa buat resume mesti pernah juga buat objektif,kan?? Haaa.. Bahagian objektif ni terletak di bahagian paling atas dan pertama selepas selesai tentang informasi diri.. Di mana, kat bahagian objektif ni la korg kena perah otak lebih untuk memberi objektif yang terbaik untuk diberikan kepada Si penemuduga kita nanti time interview.. Pheww~ nampak je macam senang,kan? Ada yg setengah kata, “Ala, tulis yang ringkas dan senang sudah.. macam saya nak kerja sebab nak dapat gaji untuk pergi berjoli..” settle… mmg tu paling honest punya la.. hahhaaa!!

Tapi, it’s not as easy as you think.. mak aih… seriously, if you want to find a nice job with a better salary and good expectation from your Boss, objective is the most important thing that they will read first.. Dia nak tgk kita ni macam mana orangnya.. Dia akan expect something from you ..

In the other hand, today I learnt something about on how to write an objective on resume. Sbb tolong kawan tgkkan resume nya.. Macam biasala.. Try to get the best, I’m trying to get an information thru internet… Walaaa~ dulu masa buat resume pun ada tgk2 kat internet on how to write a good objective,kan? Still, this time pun kena refresh lagi minda ni agar kita tak leka..hahahahaa!! Ok, here some of tips that might help yooo~ :

  1. The goal of Resume Objective is to increase the chance of getting a positive response from the employer. The applicants need to provide an effective Objective so that the employer will be encouraged to read the resume further.
  2. The first sentence of the objective must be able to transmit that you are definitely the best candidate for the position and that you want to do something good in their company. This is very effective because every company wants to choose someone who shares the very same aspiration with them because success will be much easier.
  3. Avoid the word “I” because this denotes a self-centered point of view. Remember that the company wants to hire you because of the good things you can do for them as an employee. They will choose you to help their company grows. Make your objective statement direct and concrete.
  4. List two or three skills or strengths you will bring to the company. You will list in more detail all your strengths in other sections of your resume.
  5. Inform your future employer how you will be a benefit to the company.
  6. One other way to write an objective for a resume is to list the position and then an infinitive verb (to create, to grow, to pursue) with your strengths and the benefits to the company.
Hopefully these info may remind us in the future if you want to write an objective in a resume. In spite of the fact that, Objective is not a MUST. It is an optional for a candidate to write it. But for my own opinion, objective is a way for us to be more aware of our own self motivation when we do apply some position. Takkan kita nak letak objective yang bukan2 and later on, korang lupa apa yg korang nak tingkatkan dan dapatkan hasil dari kerjaya yang akan korang jalani nanti,kan? Even I do realize, I’m not a perfect worker and never yet been awarded as ‘BEST EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH/YEAR’ (sebab selalu bikin masalah kat tempat kerja kot.. lalaaa~) .
But, bear in mind that,
objective is not just to fill in your resume only, it is also act as a big role in your life.
Pelik tak kalau dalam hidup tak ada objektif?? mesti kelam kabut ooo hidup.. So, Do your best for your way to determine your own OBJECTIVE yaaaa~ All the Best Fellas!! Wohooo~!

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