Thank You Letter

Oooooowhh! I’ve been waiting like hell for my job application!! Uarghh!! It’s driving me crazy! I will wait beside my cell phone but nothing is happened. Macam tu je la phone tu.. huhuhuhu… sabarrrr aja.. Fuhh.. dugaan sungguh ini.. Bila bangun je tengok phone.. haiyark… Miss, saya setia menunggu jawapan miss.. ahaii…

After dah penat tunggu by phone,  I’ve made my decision! Thank You letter!! or more precisely , Thank You Email.. Ehehehee.. Every normal candidates pun mesti buat benda yg sama sbb kita nak follow-up dgn management.. nak tau kita layak or tidak.. So, gua pun tulis la… ahai… hopefully esk ada la reply.. I just want an answer from them. Alhamdullilah kalau dapat. Tapi, tak mengapa kalau tidak terpilih.. Saya memahaminya.. uhuhuhu.. As long I can get a respond by management and I can sleep well after that.

P/S: xlama lepas tu, I’ve received an email from Miss. Ahahahaha.. at least ada juga jawapan dari tak ada..

Dear Noor Hafiezah,

Noted your email with thanks. We look forward to get the best justification from the management on considering you for this position.

I will revert to you accordingly.

We will see what will happened tomorrow, ya?? Fieza, Good Luck!! 😉 


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